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This is THE best time of year!


Nantucket Living

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          This is THE best time of year. We have 4-5 people a day come in tell us that they caught their first fish of the year. Honestly, their smile makes you think they are 12 again.  It is awesome and the reason we love to fish in the first place.
           Speaking of the electric smile when the first fish is ahead of you, last night we had the pleasure of fishing the beach next to an old friend and mentor Tom Mleczko.  Capt Tom is one of the “fishiest” person we know, so not surprising that he one up’d us last night as he hooked a 15″ Striped Bass on a fly rod. the best part was not the fish, but his famous belly laugh and smile.  It was awesome- he genuinely loves to fish…and is obviously great at it!IMG_4819
             Every day on the water gets better and better.  Most of our fish are smaller, 15-24″, but every day we hear of a keeper or two getting caught.  With our string of weather, we expect these numbers to continue to increase. These fish are still steady on the south shore but have filled into Madaket, the North Shore and the Harbor.  Use soft baits and jigs predominantly, but these fish are not all that picky this time of year.
            We expect someone to catch the first Bluefish this weekend as their are plenty of big blues on the Vineyard and the Cape.  There still continues to be a TON of mackerel on our North Shore and a lot of fisherman are excited because Black Sea Bass Season opens tomorrow…  Spring has Sprung and it’s time to wet a line!
           Yes, this is the beginning of it all…let’s have fun!