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March & April Conservation Walks


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Nantucket conservation foundation

Community Late Winter Walks in 2023 with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation

NCF community tours are free and open to all members of the community. If you would like to make a contribution to NCF and support their mission to permanently conserve and protect the island’s rare resources and special habitats, you can call them at 508- 228-2884 or make an online donation here.

Sunday March 5th
Ram Pasture
Explore the southernmost end of the Foundation’s popular Sanford Farm property, which is home to some of Nantucket’s rarest plants and animals. This area, which is also rich in cultural history, offers spectacular views of the ocean and the open grasslands of our adjacent Head of the Plains properties.

Sunday March 19th
Travel the short loop through a small, fascinating sunken hardwood forest that extends to the shores of West Polpis Harbor with opportunities to see winter ducks, talk about shellfish, and see other residents of this ecologically rich area.

Sunday April 2nd
Heart of the Middle Moors
Wind through the scrublands and kettle hole ponds at the heart of Nantucket’s expansive Middle Moors. We’ll talk about the historic and ecological value of these isolated wetlands and see the protection of Nantucket’s open landscape in a new light.

Sunday April 30th
The Walk to Altar Rock
Traverse the Serengeti into the center of Nantucket’s Middle Moors on the first guided hike along our Walk to Altar Rock trail. Take in the views of this glacial outwash plain, hear about the ever-changing ecology of this landscape and see Nantucket’s hilly moraine in a new way.

General Information for Walks

To register, click on the date of the walk below that you would like to attend.

Once your reservation is processed, we will send you an email to confirm the availability of space on your requested walk and directions to the meeting location.

Walks begin promptly at 11 AM and last approximately 90 minutes. All walks are around 2.5 miles over gravel Please wear comfortable walking shoes, warm layers, and be prepared for inclement weather.

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