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Rely on more than headlines or word-of-mouth commentary by leveraging Fisher Real Estate’s market analytics page, a comprehensive stream of real-time, Nantucket property sales and information.

The Nantucket Real Estate Market

For a relatively small island 30 miles out to sea, the local market is anything but small.  In fact, for the last few years, annual sales volume has totaled approximately $1 billion through 400-500 transactions.  Single-family home sales range from $400,000 to $25 million+, with the average sale price around $2.5 million.  A market as dynamic as Nantucket’s deserves regular, comprehensive analysis, which you’ll find here on our insights page.  From charts and graphs to our monthly and annual reports, we cover the market from all sides.  Take a look…  

March Market Insights

During this time two years ago, we noted a surprising dip in first quarter transaction activity compared to the previous year.  One year ago, with transaction activity all but halted, no one knew what to make of the market or where we might be headed. This year, the Nantucket real estate market is on another record-setting course, posting the highest first quarter dollar volume in island history.  Through March 31, 2021, activity soared to 152 transactions totaling $350.9 million, a respective 108 percent and 97 percent higher than one year ago (when data did not yet reflect much impact from the pandemic).  For perspective, this compares to 154 transactions totaling $251 million in 2005, the next closest first quarter period as measured by transaction volume, and 122 transactions totaling $266.8 million in 2018, the next closest first quarter period by dollar volume.  Though contract activity also posted impressive results, “months’ supply” of property inventory took a remarkable dip down to just 2.2 months.  It’s looking like we may soon run out of supply, or at least the supply will never hit the market before transacting, leaving market metrics in a position that strongly favors sellers. 

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Past Market Reports

We are dedicated to delivering the most accurate Nantucket real estate market data and the most thoughtful market insights.

2020 Year in Review

Despite the uncertainty with which 2020 started, the Nantucket real estate market saw a significant increase in buyer demand in early June and momentum never ceased from there.  Full-year results tallied approximately $1.85B in sales, a 50 percent increase from 2019 and $670 million higher than the best market on record in 2005.  Nantucket real estate transactions in 2020 represented the highest number of homes sales ever recorded, the highest number of high-end sales ($5M+) in a one-year period and several new trends, including a record number of pre-construction sales. Here is Fisher’s Annual Market Report…