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Cam Gammill

Principal Broker
In 2009, Cam started in Nantucket real estate and quickly established himself as one of the top brokers on the Island. Having represented clients in over $250 million in transactions, Cam ...

Jen Shalley Allen

Principal Broker
Jen first stepped foot on the shores of Nantucket while working a summer job at the White Elephant while studying at the University of Virginia. It wasn’t until 2008, after having spent ...

Brian Sullivan

Principal Broker
Originally hailing from Weston, Massachusetts, Brian came to Nantucket in 1996 intending to stay for just the summer. As often happens, he found himself being drawn in by the Island’s allure ...

Gina O’Callaghan

Sales Broker
A Sturbridge, Massachusetts native, Gina found herself washed ashore on Nantucket in 2000 when she arrived to work as a project manager for a well-regarded high-end general contractor. Having ...

Brent Tartamella

Sales & Rental Agent
A New England native, with roots and a career in hospitality and private club management, Brent moved to Nantucket in 2004. He joined the opening team of The Westmoor Club as general manager, ...

Danno Lynch

Sales & Rental Agent
Danno, a native from Medfield, Massachusetts, fell in love with the beauty and serenity of Nantucket at a young age while spending summers vacationing here with his family. In the summer ...

Erin Wilson

Sales & Rental Agent
Erin grew up in Philadelphia and was lucky to experience Nantucket when she moved to Boston after graduating from the University of Vermont. While in Boston she spent most of her years working ...

Judy Waters

Sales Broker
Judy’s interest in real estate began in the early 1970’s when she worked for a small real estate team in creating one of the first planned unit developments in Massachusetts. She obtained ...

Marleah Lydon

Business Administrator
Originally from Scituate, Massachusetts, Marleah came to Nantucket in 2009 hoping to fall in love with the island that her (now) husband lived and worked on. After working a summer job at ...

Gaelan Truyman

Marketing Manager
Gaelan is originally from Newton, MA and a graduate of UMass Amherst with a degree in Art History. She first visited Nantucket on vacation in 2007 and met her husband on Nobadeer Beach on ...

Cait Kappler

Rental Manager & Office Coordinator
Originally a Tri-State native, Cait grew up spending summers in Nantucket with her family. In 2012, a college internship landed her back on island where she spent her summers working until ...


At Fisher Real Estate, we know that the Island means something different to everyone, and we believe that there is a Nantucket home for everyone. More than just a piece of real estate, Nantucket is a lifestyle.


Founded in 2016, Fisher Real Estate Nantucket came about when we – three of the Island’s top brokers – decided to cast off the status quo way of doing business. We aspire to do more and to do better by our clients.

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