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Nantucket Film Festival 2024


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nantucket film festival 2024

Wednesday, June 19-24, 2024
Nantucket Film Festival

Located 30 miles out to sea, the Nantucket Film Festival thrives off the rich history and beautiful landscape of this island paradise. For more than two decades, NFF has been developing a vast network of local partners and attracting thousands of festival-goers each year. Whether it’s due to the island’s location, the intimate size of the event, or the relaxed nature of their guests, meaningful connections are the norm at NFF — not the exception.

Some films that will be featured at the Nantucket Film Festival in 2024 are:

The Screenwriters Tribute Awards are the most esteemed honor the NFF® bestows to writers and storytellers. These honors mark a career achievement for these individuals who have brought distinction to the craft of writing for film. These awards include the Screenwriters Tribute Award, Excellence in Television Writing, Special Achievement in Storytelling and Filmmaking, and the New Voice in Screenwriting Awards.

Once you’re on the island, walk around, rent a bike, or take a cab and enjoy everything that NFF’s home has to offer. See you at the movies!

Save the Date for the Nantucket Film Festival 2025:

Wednesday, June 18-23, 2025
Nantucket Film Festival