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Nantucket beaches

Did you ever find a special Nantucket beach and not know the name? Thanks to the Egan Maritime Institute for this thorough map of Nantucket beaches. We especially find the Safety Numbers helpful if you are trying to give someone directions. Click on the dropped pin to find out the name, or click the icon in the top left corner to see the list of Nantucket beaches.

Here are Fisher’s favorite Nantucket beaches!

North Shore – Calmer Waters

1. Jetties Beach Close to town with parking and the new Sandbar restaurant.
2. Brant Point Scenic lighthouse, great to watch the boats round the point.
3. Children’s Beach Closest beach to town ideal for small children.
4. Dionis Calm waters and peaceful beach, 3 mile bike from town.

South Shore – Heavy Surf

5. Tom Nevers Big parking lot, playground and roller rink.
6. Surfside Very popular beach with shuttle service, parking, snack bar and restrooms.
7. Miacomet 2.5 miles from town, not as busy as other South Shore beaches listed.
8. Cisco Surf school available, food cart, can be very busy.
9. Madaket Famous sunset destination.

Eastern Shore – Surf Can be Heavy

10. Siasconet NRTA shuttle or a 6-mi. bike ride. Food nearby in the ‘Sconset village.
11. Quident No facilities or lifeguards. Boarders Sesachcha Pond.
12. Pocomo Warm water, great for kayaking.
13. Great Point Beach permit and 4-wheel drive required.

Deer Tick Awareness

Deer ticks are commonly found in high-moisture sites like Nantucket beaches, so exercise caution when walking in woods, marshy areas, tall grass and along the edges of fields and lawns. At the beach, walk in the middle of trails and stay away from the beach grass in the dunes. Along with your SPF, wearing DEET insect repellent will discourage ticks.

For additional information on tick-borne diseases, click here to read a guest blog from the Nantucket Cottage Hospital