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Pickleball on the Rock


Nantucket Activities

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Pickleball mania continues to sweep the nation, and the island of Nantucket is no exception. Located at 82 Hinsdale Road, close to the airport, is the home of Nantucket Racquet Sports Association (NRSA). With four existing courts, and four more slated to be completed sometime in the fall of 2023, the sport is certainly popular. So much so, that players have been known to take their game to the platform tennis courts if the four available pickleball courts are reserved.

According to NRSA President Mark Furlong, “The Pickleball experience has exploded on Nantucket like everywhere else in the country. We’re seeing multitudes of players competing year-round out here. Guests are absolutely welcome, and we encourage island visitors to check out our website to learn how to book a court in advance and/or join in our weekly drop-in games.”

Most court action happens during the day, but all the courts have night lights, so you can also play well into the evening. We have a great depth of beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Our current Men’s Club Champ, Cam Murphy, is even traveling off-island for tournaments, winning, and taking home some gigantic checks.

There’s a great sense of community at NSRA that’s tough to beat elsewhere on the island, so bring your paddle out on your next trip and drop-in. Looking forward to seeing you on the court!