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lara hanson

lara hanson

Lara says, “My buyer clients were relocating to the island and were looking for a permanent home for their family. During the search they were also in need of a longer-term rental house. Fortunately, Fisher had a relationship with a homeowner whose home was going to be vacant for a long period of time in the off-season so we were able to create a win-win solution for both Fisher’s potential buyers as well as the rental homeowner.

While my clients had a few real estate transactions under their belt and were very savvy with the buying and selling process, this was their first transaction on Nantucket. Our local zoning regulations and building codes are more stringent and differ from many other towns. Each sales transaction on Nantucket requires a good amount of research into setbacks and buildable area, parking layout, and hardscaping/landscaping plans, along with specific timelines with regard to town committee meetings and the application and approval process.

Due to prior subdivision of what was once a larger lot in a different zone, coupled with the layout of previously constructed houses, a driveway that had been used for a long period of time was determined to be encroaching on the neighboring parcel. With the guidance of a local attorney, an engineer, and Planning & Land Use Services, an alternative parking arrangement was provided, and fortunately the encroachment was determined to not interfere with the buildable area of the lot next door.

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