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Short Term Rental Debate Heating Up


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Short-Term Rental Update

The advent of the summer season and the 2023 Annual Town Meeting has brought forth more debate over STRs, this time with renewed vigor via Citizen’s Article 60. This article, created by private citizens, proposes that in residential districts, STRs be permitted at owner occupied properties that are occupied at least 6 months per calendar year. For non-owner occupied properties in residential districts, STRs shall be considered an accessory use provided the dwelling(s) are used for long term residential use more than short term rental use. Rental properties must be registered with the Town of Nantucket in accordance with General Bylaw 123 (which is still not a finalized process). 

Despite the Planning Board’s negative recommendation and request for short term rental matters to be addressed at the November Special Town Meeting, Article 60 will likely be brought to the floor at the May 6 Town Meeting so it is crucial that registered voters cast their votes on May 6 as this article has the potential to significantly affect homeowner use and rentals. 

A ‘No’ vote on article 60 allows the short term rental workgroup to continue their efforts and see through their research and discussion until the fall.  In fact one of two data-based reports from UMass Amherst & The Donahue Institute has just been generated this week.  This is important because, up until this point, there has been little factual data supplied on STRs to help form and proposed policies or regulation.  The second report, based on actual data supplied by island real estate offices, is forthcoming and will allow Nantucket residents to thoughtfully consider STRs and any future regulation at the fall meeting as initially planned. 

A ‘Yes’ vote would begin the new proposed regulation, despite no proposed plans for implementation or oversight.

nantucket short-term rentals

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