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Quinn Veysey
nantucket gis

One of the best tech tools that I share with my clients that is less familiar to most is the Town of Nantucket’s Geographical Information System, commonly referred to as “GIS” or “Map Geo”. It’s an online tool available to the public (for free) and an incredible resource that real estate professionals use multiple times daily.

The GIS is maintained by the Town of Nantucket, as well as other organizations. It’s worth pointing out the Town’s disclaimer that the Town “makes no claim to the absolute validity or reliability” of the data, but it’s very good for general use and something that Town officials, real estate agents, attorneys, and others have come to rely on. 

Users can enter nearly any address on Nantucket, and the GIS will provide an aerial view of the property as well as the owner’s name, sales history, tax assessments, utility access, wetland impact, zoning information, and much, much more. Considering the price points we’re working with on-island, it’s essential that buyers and sellers are equipped with as much information as possible.

Enter an address in the box in the upper right corner, hit enter, and then click on the address you’re looking for below in the results field.

nantucket gis

The next best thing is to click on the “Themes” button, which displays many optional fields. Click to change the view from “Road Map” to “Google Satellite” for satellite imagery. Scroll down the right-hand column for additional data fields like Utilities, Topography, Fire Hydrants, Zoning, and many more options. You can even go back in time under the “Aerial Imagery” with imagery starting in 1998, which may be particularly helpful if you’re looking at waterfront property and want to see what effects erosion has had. The latest imagery was taken shortly after Hurricane Henri in 2021.

nantucket gis

Reminder about the disclaimer: the GIS can potentially miss some critical information that may be discovered during your due diligence, so make sure you’re working with experts you trust who can assist you.

Go check it out and get to know the island even better!

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Quinn Veysey

Nantucket has been a constant in Quinn’s life since he was born, but it was working here through high school, college, and beyond that fueled his love for the island. A native of nowhere, Quinn was born in DC, grew up in Chicago and Cleveland, and earned his degree in Economics at Colorado State University. Working summers on ACK at Nectars, various bars and restaurants, fishing boats, and building homes he got a “real job” working in the financial sector for a year when he got a call from Fisher co-founder, Cam, who offered him a job at Vineyard Vines. Starting off in sales and developing the direct-to-consumer business, Quinn was then recruited to run sales nationally for johnnie-O which was still in its infancy. He opened and ran the sales office from Greenwich, CT for nearly a decade consistently delivering results. Recognizing early on that no one wants to be sold anything helped Quinn differentiate himself in sales roles as someone who finds the best outcomes by achieving mutually beneficial results. True partnerships rooted in communication, honesty, integrity, and loyalty are the hallmarks of his work ethic. Quinn lives on Nantucket with his amazing wife, Graham, three beautiful daughters and their lab mix, Rhody. He enjoys spending quality time with family, racquet sports, fishing, biking, and is trying to find enjoyment in running.