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Design Trends on Nantucket

And How They Impact Sales & Rental Properties

Our picturesque island is often recognized by the rose-covered cottages in ‘Sconset or the old fishing shanties along the wharves downtown, but what some might not realize is that Nantucket offers an array of properties from historic renovations to modern new builds and everything in between. As local real estate professionals, Team Fisher specializes in familiarizing ourselves with these properties and understanding current design trends as these trends have the power to influence the way people view properties, make purchasing decisions, or even decide which house to rent this summer! In this blog post, we will discuss the latest design trends we are seeing on Nantucket and how they can impact both sales listings and rental properties.

Nantucket is an island; logistically, it takes some planning for people and materials to get here. We most often hear buyers say they are interested in properties with modern amenities that are “move-in ready.” This usually translates into properties that are being sold partially or fully-furnished with minimalistic design choices. Minimalism prioritizes functionality and simplicity, as most buyers value a clean and uncluttered living environment. For color trends, neutral hues like white, gray, and beige are most popular when selling a home. These hues produce a simple, classic look that appeals to a wide variety of buyers. Neutral colors can be used across the board in wall paint, furnishings and decor. Neutral tones can also make a home feel lighter and larger. Of course, certain colors are also well-received. Blue and green undertones often fit in well with our seascapes, and let’s face it, blue is probably the most widely used hue in Nantucket decor and will always be the trend. Alternatively, warm, bold colors like red, yellow, and gold don’t fit the character of the island, aren’t as appealing, and often don’t translate well in photography. 

Outdoor spaces (especially on Nantucket!) are also top-of-mind for both buyers and renters. It’s essential to capture these spaces well in marketing imagery. During the warmer months, we all want to be outside enjoying our beautiful island; homes with seamless indoor/outdoor living allow us to do just that. Buyers and renters are seeking out and paying top dollar for homes with well-manicured outdoor living areas that may include pools, sport courts (pickleball, anyone?), gardens and green space. Fire pits are also in high demand, whether the gas line is plumbed in directly, or as furniture pieces with separate propane tanks. 

If you’re considering selling your home or looking to update the interiors/exteriors for rentals, Team Fisher would love to speak with you individually about your property to help guide you in your decisions or share feedback on how the latest design trends impact the way buyers and renters view properties on Nantucket.