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Step-by-Step to Book a Nantucket Vacation Home


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How a Fisher Real Estate Agent can best help you book your Nantucket Vacation home with ease!

1) Search online for vacation rental listings by clicking this link.

2) Browse the listings and filter your search based on your preferences, such as location, number of bedrooms, and amenities. It is important to know that at Fisher Real Estate, we are a one-stop, full-service agency. If we can’t find the perfect home in our inventory, we search the entire island for you. Fisher agents are highly collaborative within our office and beyond, meaning we will utilize not just our inventory but also the inventory of other offices to find the best rental for all your wants and needs.

3) Read the listing descriptions and reviews to make sure the rental meets your needs.

4) If you have already worked with a Fisher Agent, please reach out directly; if not, click this link to reach a team member that will help you. Here is your opportunity to share all the pertinent information with your assigned agent. Please remember to share the makeup of your group, whether you hope to be traveling with any pets, and if you have any specific location or layout requests (first-floor primary, etc.). The more information you can provide, the better!

5) Sometimes, you find just the right house, you check with your agent, the agent confirms with the homeowner, and then boom, you’re all set for the summer. Other times, there are a few more steps.

a) Maybe you find 2-3 homes that you like or

b) Maybe you speak with your agent and tell them the dates and a little bit about the house of your dreams.

(In the first case, the agent will confirm with the different homeowners that their calendars are open for the dates you requested. In the second case, the agent will curate a selection of homes for you that align with your goals and objectives based on what we learned about how you want to experience Nantucket.)

c) After what we all hope is just a little back and forth, we will narrow down the selection to one home, confirm the calendar, and then move forward to the next steps.

**In these steps above, it is critical to keep in mind that the quicker we can go from hearing the description of what you want to reserving a home, the better. Remember, your agent is an intermediary in the process and needs to communicate with the homeowner before confirming your desired dates. If you start looking at the beginning of a month and then don’t make a decision until the end, please remember that your agent will need to reconfirm the calendar and that the dates you initially desired may no longer be available.

6) By this step, you have chosen your rental, your agent has confirmed the weekly rate and calendar availability, and you get to say, “Book it!”

7) When you give the go-ahead, your agent will draft the lease. To do this, they will start by requesting more information from you, such as your physical address, and will confirm details like your email address and phone number. Once the lease is complete, it will be sent to you for confirmation and an electronic signature via DocuSign. It is critical to review the lease document thoroughly and confirm that all details, including the dates of stay and rates, are correct.

8) Once they send you the lease for signature, they may also send you wire instructions for payment. Payment:

a) For leases made in advance, payments are split into two. The first payment comprises half of the base rent and a small office fee. This first payment is typically required within 7 – 10 days of the lease being executed.

b) The second payment includes the security deposit, taxes, and the remaining half of the base rent. This payment is usually due 45 days before tenancy.

9) Once you have wired the first payment, it’s time to start counting the days, making plans, and thinking through the logistics. Fisher publishes an awesome summer Guide each year, so please check out our website for some great inspiration.

J. Brent Tartamella is a New England native with an extensive career in hospitality rooted in high-end private club management. Brent moved to Nantucket in 2004, and since his entrance into real estate in 2016, he has frequently been the top buyers’ representative, with sales exceeding $14mm. Follow him on Instagram @brenttucket for more stores and information about Nantucket living.