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Creating Your Rental “Welcome Book”


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nantucket rental book

Why you should have a “welcome book” for your guests and what to include!

By Joelle Bouchard

Nantucket is not an easy place to get to. Most guests travel a far distance to get here! Once they land on the Island, we all do our best to make sure their arrival process is as seamless as stress-free as possible! Your Fisher Rental Agent will coordinate with your guests to make sure the house is ready for their arrival. As the homeowner, you can help with this process by leaving a welcome book. Your welcome book should be an easy-to-read resource of helpful information about your vacation home, activities in your neighborhood, and even personalized restaurant recommendations. Think of it as a quick overview of the “ins and outs” of your property and surrounding area.

Your Nantucket vacation home welcome book should include:

A Welcome Letter

A personalized welcome to your Nantucket Home. Does your home have a quarterboard? Create a house brand by saying “Welcome to Tadpole”! Let them know a little about you, your family and your property. You want them to feel as this is their home away from home for the time they are on the island. Example: “Our favorite place for dinner is on the back deck to watch the sunset as they are spectacular”.

Emergency Contact Numbers:

• 9-1-1 for emergencies

• Non-emergency Nantucket Police (508) 228-1212

• Nantucket Cottage Hospital ER (508) 825-8165

• The contact info for your cleaners and caretakers

Your guest will already have your Fisher Agent’s information if we need to contact your cleaners/caretaker. Some guests will want to have an additional cleaning during their stay and may need to contact them directly for scheduling.

The “Ins-and-Outs” of your property

First and foremost… the wireless network name and password should be clearly displayed. Some owners place in different locations throughout the property. Another good idea is to have the network name and password written on a sticker right on the modem. This is also the place to add instructions for electronics and appliances. If necessary, include “how to use” steps for the tvs, remotes, music systems, speakers, etc. Do you have a private pool, hot tub, pool alarm, or fire pit? Step-by-step instructions are very helpful. Where is the beach equipment stored? Family games, puzzles and books? Mention where they can be found in the house if they are stored away in a cabinet. Fisher Tip: We have also seen owners provide weblinks to instructional videos they created on a YouTube channel!

nantucket rental book

House Rules

Trash and recycling rules are one of the most important things to explain to your guests. This printout from the Town of Nantucket is a helpful place to start.

No smoking? No pets? If pets are allowed, what are your clean-up rules? Do you have rules about the temperature allowed on the thermostat/central heating/cooling? A common rule is to leave the windows closed when the AC is being used. Fireplace/fire pit rules? Pool/hot tub rules? Roofwalk rules? Please put patio umbrellas down when not in use? All of these should be included in your book.

If you live in a community with shared amenities, provide the community rules including: pool, tennis courts, fitness center and playground.

Personal Recommendations

What are your favorite restaurants and why? What beaches do you frequent in the area? Your favorite places for ice cream? Do you have a private chef/catering company you have used that you loved? These personalized recommendations are very helpful to your guests.

Check-out Procedures

Your Fisher Agent will also go over the check-out procedures with the guest.

Check-out time is 9am. Please strip the beds and start the laundry. Please start the dishwasher. Please throw out all opened food and garbage in the outside bin. PLEASE RECYCLE. 

You will want to leave your welcome book in an obvious place that your guests will see as soon as they walk in the house. Let your cleaning company know where you would like it to be displayed as well so they can replace it during turn-overs.

If you would like help creating your Nantucket rental welcome book, please contact Fisher…we’d be happy to help you!


Joelle landed on Nantucket for the first time with college friends for “Figawi Weekend” and fell in love with the history, beauty and the small-town feel that she had growing up in East Aurora, New York. Read more…