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The island has countless properties in conservation that are enjoyed by walkers, trail runners, bikers, and sometimes even equestrians. There are the usual favorites like Sanford Farm, Squam Swamp, and Tupancy Links, but the Fisher Crew put together a collection of their favorite trails that may be off the beaten path. Have you visited these spots?

Lara’s Favorite Trail

“One of the most interesting groups of trails happens to be right under our noses in the mid-island area. The State Forest is comprised of a woven network of walking trails, the local Boy Scout camp, and the Nantucket Disc Golf Course. The course was crafted just over a decade ago and actually improved the forest area as it made the walking trails more accessible, added additional trails, and opened up fairways that create a varied landscape. The State Forest is enjoyable in all seasons: during the winter months, the trees provide protection from the wind; and in the summer, shade from the hot sun. Springtime shows new growth and renewal of various species of pine and maple trees, holly, and even shade-tolerant flowers. Adjacent to the Lovers Lane entrance, there is even an area for kids to enjoy, complete with tree forts, makeshift balance beams, and a solo tree swing! Next time you’re up for an adventure, be sure to check out the State Forest – but watch for flying discs!”

Liza’s Favorite Trail

“Off of Polpis Road if you are driving towards Wauwinet, the entrance and parking area for Reyes Pond is about a mile after the Lifesaving Museum on the right hand side. There are a few different loops in here to walk and you can see Altar Rock and get to the moors from these paths. It is a such a peaceful area and the trees and foliage give you the feel that you are in Vermont or somewhere off island. It is a unique trail for Nantucket and the views are gorgeous!”

Marleah’s Favorite Trail

“My favorite off the beaten path trail is part of the Linda Loring Nature Foundation. It is their property and the path begins in the Fisher’s landing neighborhood off of Ridge Lane. There is a small sign that says “Beach Path” and that is where you start! The path takes you right out to a beautiful beach off of Eel Point Road, more commonly known as 40th Pole. The path is always pretty quiet and because it is wild life based, no dogs, horses, or bicycles are allowed. Our son, Beau, especially loves this path, picking up pine cones, different shaped rocks, and then the exciting surprise at the end – the ocean.”

Jen’s Favorite Trail


“While there are so many unique trails to choose from on the island, one of my favorites is nestled in off of Millbrook Road between Hummock Pond Road and Madaket Road.  From here, you can connect to hundreds of acres of conservation land between Land Bank land and the Audubon’s Lost Farm Sanctuary.  The trails vary from wooded paths, to open grassy fields and traverse past Hummock Pond along the way.  It’s a great place to walk, jog or ride a mountain bike.  (More parking is available along the Hummock Pond access point than Millbrook Road).”

Gina’s Favorite Trail

“My off the beaten path trails are the loops you can walk/bike at Hinsdale Park behind Valeros.  They are a ton of fun to mountain bike through, with all of the dips and S-turns.  You can easily connect across Milestone Road to miles and miles of bog and moor trails. Park at the Discovery playground and start your adventure by walking into the path at the back of the parking lot, there are horses, cows, birds, sheep and great walks!”

Gaelan’s Favorite Trail


“My favorite walk on Nantucket is the dunes at Surfside. Just past the Star of the Sea Hostel is a small parking lot which leads to rolling dunes all the way to the beach. I love to walk my dog down to the beach and back up through the main lot at Surfside Beach. This spot is so peaceful and no matter how crowded Surfside Beach is during the summer, you will rarely find people here. There is a Piping Plover nesting ground, so be sure to leash your dog if it’s nesting season. It’s beautiful all year long!”

Sarah’s Favorite Trail

“Our new favorite walking trail is the Windswept Cranberry Bog. It’s peaceful with plenty of room to physically distance from others… AND it’s fisherman and dog approved!”

Danno’s Favorite Trail

“I love cruising around the paths and roads south of Miacomet Golf course. Not only can you check the surf but you can also see all the bird activity in the area. The coolest thing to see are the hawks on a hunt.


Brent’s Favorite Trail

“Way off the beaten path, hanging from the trees, and jumping swamps this is the depths of Squam Swamp where many have not traveled!”

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