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Erin Wilson
nantucket grocery stores

One of the first things most people do when they arrive on island is check into their rental property and go grocery shopping! The Mid-Island Stop & Shop has the most food options, but don’t forget about the smaller markets and even the local farms that sell fresh, organic produce! We have you covered on where to go grocery shopping on Nantucket.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about what to expect on your Nantucket vacation- Erin Wilson


Stop & Shop Mid-Island 31 Sparks Avenue

nantucket grocery stores

The Stop & Shop on Sparks Avenue is the largest grocery store on island and what you may be more accustomed to off-island. This grocery store was built in 2014 and is a whopping 40,000 square feet. You can find pretty much everything you need here including flowers and beach gear. It can get quite busy (even in the winter at peak times), but during the summer they are open from 6am to midnight. Fisher Tip: Check out “Shop and ChillACKs,” the new Nantucket grocery delivery service that does the heavy lifting for you!


Stop & Shop Downtown 9 Salem Street

If you are staying in Town and do not have a car, this is the best option. It is located near the Hy-Line ferry and has it’s own parking lot, so it’s relatively easy to stop in quickly for any immediate needs when you get to island. This Stop & Shop is smaller than the mid-island location, so, for example, the produce section is much smaller.


Bartlett’s Farm 33 Bartlett Farm Road

This family owned farm dates back to the 1800’s and is an important part of our year-round community. Bartlett’s Farm has a great pre-made foods section, a beautiful assortment of vegetables and produce, a fabulous dessert section, wine and beer and an entire garden center. This is also a great stopping point for lunch before heading out to the beaches at Cisco. Fisher Tip: Don’t forget about the ice cream truck out front!


Bartlett’s Farmstand on Main Street In Town Outside 33 Main Street and in ‘Sconset Just Before the Rotary

During the summer, Bartlett’s Farm sets up in Town with fresh produce including barrels of their very popular heirloom tomatoes. Stop by the truck earlier in the day to get the best pick of produce. They are in town starting on June 14th and in Siaconset starting on June 20th.


Annye’s Market 14 Amelia Drive

This is a smaller, boutique market for the health conscious. The staff is always so helpful and eager to educate you on products that can only be found at Annye’s on Nantucket. Beyond grocery shopping, Annye’s makes organic meals in case you just don’t feel like cooking. They also have a great section of vitamins and supplements.


Sayles Seafood 99 Washington Extension

sayles seafood nantucket grocery store

This is a full fish market located near the Great Harbor Yacht Club by the Harbor and is walking distance from Town. You can also order lobster dinners and clambakes if you want to keep things easy! And a bonus, Sayle’s stays open year-round!


167 Raw 167 Hummock Pond Road

We love ordering from the 167 Raw food truck and eating at a picnic table in the courtyard, but they also have a great market where you will find fresh fish, meats, wine and more. Fisher Tip: Some say they have the best key lime pie on the island.


Meat & Fish Market 21 Old South Road

This market offers a large selection of fish and meats, marinated or not, plus a range of prepared food options. There is also sushi to go, Starbucks coffee and a bagel and sandwich station. We highly recommend the steak tips!


Moors End Farm 40 Polpis Road

If you are looking for a charming farm stand, this is a great stop off the beaten path. You can find fresh eggs, honey, beautiful flowers and of course produce including their famous corn! Take the bike path out towards Polpis/Wauwinet or hop in an Uber. Fisher Tip: In December, find your Christmas tree at Moors End Farm and in the summer, bring in your flower pots and the farmers will pot them for you!


Boatyard Farm 165 Hummock Pond Road

Right before the 167 Raw Fish Market, you’ll find Boatyard Farm which stocks heirloom veggies, fruits, herbs and fresh eggs. They have a refrigerated grab and go cooler outdoors where you can pick your own eggs. Open 24/7, they use the honor system and take cash, check or Venmo @boatyardfarm. Nantucket native and Boatyard Farm owner, Carl Keller, is very enthusiastic about the farm’s progress and growth and is always looking for more opportunities to grow.


Pumpkin Pond Farm 25 Millbrook Road

pumpkin pond farm

As of the end of April, Pumpkin Pond Farm had arugula, carrots, baby leaf lettuce, pea tendrils, baby kale, baby turnips, micro greens and radishes available. They are a nursery and CCOF Certified Organic farm that supplies many of the top restaurants on Nantucket.

There are many other purveyors who set up at the Sustainable Nantucket Farmer’s Market on Saturdays behind Fisher Real Estate. Did you know that they put together a Nantucket Local Food Suppliers List? Click here for the May 2019 Updated Spreadsheet. According to them, here are three great reasons to buy locally. “Buying from local vendors and manufacturers cuts down on fuel emissions for a lower carbon footprint. Secondly, it is better for your health. Local food often retains more nutrients. Your food is picked fresh and in season and doesn’t have far to travel before being sold. And finally, you are supporting local businesses and helping the local economy grow.”


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Erin Wilson

Erin understands what it is like buying and renting a house on island when you are far away, or planning an island getaway to simply get your Nantucket fix.