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Where to Find Raw Bar on Nantucket


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Craving a freshly-shucked, salty, briny oyster on Nantucket? Look no further, Fisher has you covered with our list of go-to dining options for RAW BAR on Nantucket!! These twenty restaurants are listed alphabetically and one even serves up shucked oysters to go. If you’re looking for an unbeatable setting and fresh oysters, our Fisher Tip is to head to Cru, Nantucket’s premiere oyster bar located on Straight Wharf. But there are so many great places to enjoy these delicious delicacies so, without further ado, let’s get to the 20 restaurants that serve raw bar on Nantucket.

1 Bar Yoshi | O Bar (“Oyster Bar” Coming Soon)
2 Brant Point Grill
3 The Breeze at The Nantucket Hotel
4 Brotherhood of Thieves
5 Chanticleer
6 Charlie Noble
7 Cisco Brewers
8 Cru
9 Dune
10 Ethos
11 Le Languedoc
12 Lobster Trap
13 Glidden’s
14 The Pearl
15 Sandbar
16 Sayle’s Seafood
17 SeaGrille
18 Slip14
19 The Tavern
20 Toppers at the Wauwinet

raw bar nantucket

Bar Yoshi | O Bar (Coming Soon)
Raw bar options at Bar Yoshi include shrimp cocktail, tuna ceviche and shrimp ceviche. Opening this summer is their sister restaurant, O Bar, in which the o stands for “oyster”. They will offer an all-day menu including raw bar items such as oysters, king crab legs and clams, house-made smoked fish plates, caviar, and lobster. The O Bar menu will also be available at Bar Yoshi!

Brant Point Grill
Offered both at lunch and dinner, BPG serves Great Point Oysters. Accoutrements include a cucumber mignonette, cocktail sauce and lemon. If you are looking to go all-out at dinner, start your meal with their Seafood Tower: shrimp cocktail, oysters, king crab louie, Maine lobster tail, tuna poke and a smoked fish rillette. Add on Calvisius Caviar for $125. They also offer a seafood ceviche that Fisher Broker Jen Allen raves about. Fisher tip: The Brant Point Grill (all-you-can-eat) Sunday Brunch includes a raw bar served out of the classic display – a boat! 1 dozen oysters are $32.

The Breeze at The Nantucket Hotel
Offered on their dinner menu, The Breeze offers local Pocomo oysters with a house-made cocktail sauce, seaweed mignonette and lemon. Half a dozen oysters are $18, 1 dozen oysters are $35.

Brotherhood of Thieves
On the lunch and dinner menu at the Brotherhood, find a rotating choice of oysters from local Nantucket farms. Pair your tray of oysters with shrimp cocktail and then order some sushi from their incredible sushi menu. Oysters are $4 each.

Don’t skip over the first item on the hors d’oeuvres menu (both lunch and dinner) at the charming Chanticleer located in ‘Sconset. Raised in the nutrient rich Pocomo Meadow and Medouie Creek, Nantucket. Served with rice wine, horseradish, meyer lemon mignonette and chives. Oysters are $5 each.

Charlie Noble
Charlie Noble offers a raw bar of Nantucket oysters, shrimp cocktail, Atlantic tuna poke and bluefish pate. A new menu item this year is the Royal Osetra Caviar- 30 grams priced at the market rate. Oysters are $4 each.

Cisco Brewers
While it’s not your typical fine dining experience, it is “the happiest place on earth” for many reasons. One of these reasons is that you can find raw bar on Nantucket at Cisco Brewers 7 days a week! Track down the shuckers from YOHO Raw Bar from Wednesday to Friday, 167 Raw on Saturday and Monday, and Hang 10 Raw Bar on Tuesday (in-season, of course).

raw bar nantucket

The raw bar experience at Cru is second to none and is almost so lengthy that we can’t include their full raw bar menu. Petrossian caviar ranges from Classic Baika Caviar (30 grams for $195) to Royal Beluga Caviar (250 grams for $1,950). Choose a pairing of champagne and oysters, or champagne and caviar for a night to remember. Cru offers two “plateaus,” a tiered tray ranging from $130 to $260. The platters serve a combination of oysters, littleneck clams, shrimp, blue crab cocktail and lobster cocktail over ice. These items are also offered individually. Oyster purveyors include Pocomo Meadow Oysters, Fifth Bend Oysters, Island Creek Oysters and Barnstable Sea Farms, to name a few.

We love the colorful dishes served at Dune and their oysters have jumped along for the ride. Chilled Nantucket Grey Lady Oysters are filled with a rhubarb mignonette, cucumber, shallot, pink pepper and lime mixture. Half a dozen oysters are $23.50.

Ethos is a new boutique wine bar with a farm-to-table bistro menu. Luckily, they didn’t forget about the oyster farm! Chill out with a tuna crudo, caviar service and Pocomo Meadow Oysters with lemon and a house mignonette. Oysters are $4 each.

Le Languedoc
After putting your phone away (they are a cell phone free restaurant) and ordering their house cocktail, a Gunpowder Irish Gin Rosemary Gimlet, your next treat should be a shared plate of Nantucket oysters served with a pink peppercorn mignonette. Half a dozen oysters are $22.

Lobster Trap
At this quintessential summer-time lobster joint, they offer almost every kind of New England seafood dish. Raw bar items include shrimp cocktail, littlenecks and oysters. Half a dozen oysters are $ , a dozen oysters are $ .

If you want to try your hand at shucking oysters, we recommend purchasing them at Glidden’s Island Seafood. Don’t forget your oyster knife, a special dull-pointed, thick-bladed knife that is used to pry the back hinge open and separate the body from the shell. Littlenecks are $9.95 a dozen. Local oysters are $2 each.

The Pearl
The reimagined Pearl restaurant still has oysters on their menu – Pocomo Meadow Oysters, in fact. Share a plate of these beauties with a maui onion mignonette and a soy pickled seaweed. Half a dozen oysters are $28.

raw bar nantucket

You can’t go wrong ordering the raw bar from Sandbar at Jetties Beach and enjoying them at a picnic table or adirondack chair with your toes in the sand. These pearly beauties are served by the half dozen. The most recent menu listed both Pocomo Meadow Oysters, as well as an “oyster of the day”. Shrimp cocktail can also be served. Half a dozen oysters are $20.

Sayle’s Seafood
Sayle’s Seafood is a Nantucket fish market that also offers take-out seafood dishes. Did you know that you can order already shucked raw oysters and bring them back to your house, or better yet, the beach? For your next seaside picnic, consider calling 508-228-4599 and ordering one, or three, of the following: littleneck clams, Wellfleet oysters and/or Pocomo Meadow Oysters, all served on the half shell with lemon and cocktail sauce. Half a dozen local oysters are $18.95.

raw bar nantucket

As locals we have such an affinity for the SeaGrille Nantucket that we almost don’t want to sing their praises. But alas, here we are spreading the good word of their local and fresh regional seafood once again. Start small with “six opened to order” littlenecks or cherrystones. Move on to five pink jumbo gulf shrimp with a chipotle cocktail sauce, and end with Pocomo Meadow Oysters (as you can see, clearly a local favorite). If you don’t want to start small and just want to GO BIG, ask your waiter for the Seafood Tower, a combination of four oysters, four shrimp, four clams, chilled mussels, 1 ¼ lobster. There is the option to add on tuna poke or smoked salmon. Half a dozen oysters are $23.

Rain or shine, lunch or dinner, Slip14 serves raw bar right down on Old South Wharf. They keep it simple by offering shrimp cocktail and Pocomo Meadow oysters, both with house cocktail sauce and mignonette sauce. Half a dozen oysters are $21, a dozen oysters are $42.

raw bar nantucket

The Tavern
The Tavern is another lively, indoor/outdoor dining experience in downtown Nantucket that offers the classic raw bar menu. Jumbo shrimp cocktail (chilled with Old Bay seasoning, house cocktail sauce and a lemon), local littleneck clams on the half shell, and finally fresh shucked Wauwinet Oysters. Half a dozen oysters are $24, a dozen oysters are $48.

Toppers at the Wauwinet
Last but certainly not least, we have Topper’s where Nantucket oysters can be found on the brunch, lunch and dinner menu. Served with both cocktail sauce and mignonette, we would highly recommend starting any meal with this traditional Nantucket dish. Smoked bluefish pate is a secondary menu item that would pair well with the premiere oysters!

*Consuming raw may increase your risk of food borne illness.

A little bit more about Pocomo Meadow Oysters…
“Pocomo Meadow Oyster Farm is located on the south side of Pocomo Point, near the mouth of Polpis Harbor. The tide rushes twice a day through a narrow channel connecting to Nantucket’s main harbor. Right behind the farm is an area of undeveloped salt swamp fed by two tidal creeks that flow out directly into where the oysters grow. Oysters are filter feeders, and they thrive on the nutrients from fresh water springs bubbling out from the Pocomo Meadow. In this unique body of water the oysters flourish, giving them a heavenly brine and a sweetness that is unmatched by any other local oyster.
Each oyster starts out about the size of a corn kernel and spends its first two years growing in a large mesh bag. Once they’ve reached three inches long, we set them loose on the seafloor to mature for three months as “free range oysters,” where they happily grow fat and full to their shell.
We dig our clams by hand from the wild. Nantucket’s harbors are fed by cold Atlantic ocean currents and provide an ideal habitat for these hard shell delicacies. At low tide we go out to our “secrete spots” and dig using hand rakes to sift these clams out of the sand and eelgrass where they live. Quahog clams range in size, top necks are the largest, cherrystones a size smaller, and little necks are the smallest and best for raw bar, since they are especially tender and sweet.
Nantucket is world famous for its wild bay scallops. November through March we commercially fish for scallops, harvesting them from the icy winter waters. They are renowned for their buttery sweetness and are coveted in the best restaurants across America. We serve them on the half shell, or prepare them as a ceviche.” Pocomo Meadow Oysters