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Nantucket Thanksgiving Dinner Take-out + Dine-in Options

For those who don’t find joy in cooking a dozen Thanksgiving dishes and cleaning for days on end, you’re in luck because there are many other dining options on Nantucket. This is especially helpful if you are coming on-island for the holiday and don’t have a kitchen full of cooking utensils including potato mashers, meat thermometers and roasting pans. Here are some take-away and dine-in options to book in advance of Thursday, November 28th, 2019. Wherever you end up, make sure you start your day by taking a dip in the Harbor at the Fisher Real Estate sponsored Cold Turkey Plunge, read our blog for more!


For take-away prepared meals, you can order just the turkey or everything from the rolls to the pumpkin pies. Some options include:


Other options include dining at one of our famous local restaurants, so you don’t even have to be bothered with the dishes. Reach out to The Breeze at The Nantucket Hotel (link to menu) or the Brant Point Grill at The White Elephant to reserve your table for their buffet feasts. Bonus: they both offer live music to brighten the festivities! Company of the Cauldron (link to reservations) offers a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with one of the most romantic settings on Island and three seatings to choose from: 2:30pm, 5:30 pm and 8:15pm.


If you know of any other catering companies or restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner, please let us know!

Happy Thanksgiving, Nantucket!

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