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The Nantucket Project 2023


Events & Traditions

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Coming October 5-8, the Nantucket Project will return to the island for their 11th annual event.

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The nantucket project

This year’s event will be “focused on one vital issue, whose hope is to heal and strengthen one nation, one person at a time. The technical word for it is Pluralism.” 

TNP will host four programs: TNP Live Gatherings, American Neighbor Conversations, TNP Field Builder Collaborations and TNP Idea Films. By collaborating with “individuals and organizations on how to transcend division and bridge divides in America,” the TNP’s approach to storytelling, conversation, and creating community will encourage attendees to leave with their own steps for action. 

The nantucket project

“We invite you to be part of accelerating the movement towards persuasion, dialog, & debate.” Learn more about how to attend and register for your Nantucket Project pass here

The nantucket project