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Nantucket Litter Derby


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Tidy up, do good, and win big for Nantucket at the Nantucket Litter Derby in 2024! Fisher is a proud sponsor of the Litter Derby.

64,000 pounds of litter have been removed from the environment on Nantucket Island by teams to date… that’s 32 tons!

On Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th, traverse the island in teams of up to six people to see how much litter you can collect. Trash collection drop-off is at the Nantucket Waste Facility on Sunday after 1pm. The rewards ceremony is held at Cisco Brewery at 4pm. The top collecting team gets to take home $1,000! We can’t wait to see who wind this year.

Past Winning Teams of the Nantucket Litter Derby


1 st Place- Team Clean ACKS

2nd Place- Team Nantucket Land Bank

3rd Place- The Trash Pandas


1 st Place- Pod Squad (Marine Mammal Alliance)

2nd Place- The Trash Picker Uppers

3rd Place- Steezy Crew


1st Place- The Trash Picker Uppers

2nd Place- Junk in the Trunk

3rd Place- Sister Act I

Honorable Mention- Royal Yacht Squadron


1st Place- The Trash Picker Uppers

2nd Place- Trash Act

3rd Place- Green with Envy


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