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10 Reasons Team Fisher Loves Cisco Brewery!


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Marleah Lydon
Cisco Brewery Nantucket

While we are always enamored by the natural beauty of Nantucket; the miles of soft sandy beaches, the acres upon acres of lush green conservation land accompanied by winding trails to walk and run, there is one place that we think is an absolute must-see for visitors young and old. It isn’t a beach, it isn’t a walking trail, and it isn’t a museum, it is Cisco Brewery. Whether you love a good draft beer, fancy a tasty craft cocktail, or you enjoy sampling the food trucks while grooving to some funky live music, we think that Cisco Brewery needs to be at the top of your list for your next Nantucket getaway. We love this place so much, we compiled Fisher’s List of 10 things we love most about our “no place quite like it” island brewery!

#1 Beer!

Cisco Brewery

Whether you are a craft beer connoisseur, or sip Bud Lights on your Saturday nights, Cisco Brewery has something for everyone! We love their classics from Sankaty Light to Whale’s Tale, to Grey Lady and the Indie Pale Ale.  And we always enjoy their seasonal brews whether it is a Summer of Lager in the heat of August, a Pumple Drumkin while enjoying the brewery’s outdoor firepit on a crisp and cool October afternoon, or a Winter Shredder to keep your warm during Christmas Stroll. If you are looking for something extra-unique, check out the Island Reserve beers, or simply add a delicious topper of Triple 8 Blueberry Vodka to your Grey Lady pint for an island classic known as the “Blue Haired Lady”! Lucky for you their beers continue to gain popularity and are now available near and far, but we still highly recommend a trip to where it all started!

#2 Cocktails!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket

Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for a frosty beer or perhaps spirits are more your thing. No problem, Cisco has your back! Triple Eight Distillery offers up some pretty fantastic vodkas, liquors, gins, rums, bourbons, and let’s not forget their award-winning single malt whiskey, known as “The Notch”! Now, when you combine these with top notch ingredients like custom flavored simple syrups, fresh mint and citrus, you get yourself some pretty amazing craft cocktails. A couple team favorites are the Figawi Wowie (Blueberry mint vodka, soda water, lemonade, and of course fresh mint), the Madaket Mule (Cranberry vodka, soda water, fresh pureed ginger, and a lime), or whatever tasty special they have whipped up for the day or the week! We’re starting to get thirsty just talking about it…

#3 Wine!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Vineyards

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Cisco also offers wine. That’s right, we told you they had you covered! Maybe you’re in the mood for a nice, full-bodied red or a delicious, dry cider? Nantucket Vineyard turns out some amazing reds, whites, sparkling wines and Team Fisher’s FAVORITE, hard cider. And as if they aren’t doing enough already, they thought they would spice up the summer with daily rotating frozen options, like Raspberry Frose, and Blood Orange Pinot Frio! We think their Sparkling Cranberry Pinot Gris is an excellent item to grab before you head to your favorite beach for those unforgettable Nantucket sunsets!

#4 Food!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Food Trucks

Just a few years ago if you wanted to get your eat on at Cisco Brewery, it meant a trip to Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm for snacks and sandwiches…which, of course, you can still do! But why you would want to when there are some amazing bites to be had right at the Brewery? Now you can try food from 167 Raw Bar, the Dumpling stand, the Hot Dog stand, and a myriad of rotating food trucks. Just picture it, you’re enjoying the tastiest beer or cocktail you can imagine, it is a bright, sunny Nantucket day, and you have the option to snack on a top-notch lobster roll, a mouthwatering burger slider from the Lobster Trap truck, a delicious quesadilla or tacos from the Millie’s food truck or authentic, handmade steamed dumplings from the Big Hug Dumplings stand.  Maybe you already had a big lunch and you want something a little lighter before dinner. Grab a shrimp cocktail or a dozen oysters from the guys at 167! Does it really get any better than that? Of course it does, keep reading!

#5 Live Music!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Bands

As if this picture-perfect setting couldn’t be more enjoyable, how about we throw in some fantastically funky live music? From outstanding bands like Perfect Day, Miss Fairchild, Four Easy Payments, and Buckle and Shake, you are sure to enjoy the groovy tunes while eating your tasty lobster roll and sipping on your choice of beer, cocktail, or wine! We especially love watching the kiddos and toddlers getting down to the funky jams right in front of the stage…which brings us to our next reason…

#6 Babies, Kiddos, & Dogs, oh my!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Dog Friendly

When you’ve got your four-legged friend, or your newborn baby, toddler, or three kids and fine dining just isn’t an option for your group, Cisco Brewery is there for you. We can’t think of too many places that you can jam to amazing live music, eat food as good as you would expect on Nantucket, and sip a truly delightful bloody mary, all with your furbaby by your side, baby in the carrier, and kiddo enjoying the perfect Millie’s food truck cheese quesadilla! No dog sitter or nanny? No problem, this place has something for everyone in the family!

#7 Cisco Brewery Swag!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Swag

Forget the boring “Nantucket” t-shirt and try something way cooler from Cisco Brewery. It’s a true, one-stop shop for all the gifts you promised to bring back to friends and family. Most importantly something for yourself to remember your memorable trip to Nantucket and especially the brewery! They have everything from killer trucker hats, to soft as can be t-shirts and sweatshirts, to onesies, bandanas and flip flops. You’ll be sure to find something for mom, dad, grandma, and the dog sitter without a problem!

#8 Free Shuttle & Parking!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Shuttle

If you’re familiar with downtown Nantucket, you know parking can sometimes be a little bit of an issue and free spots are few and far between.  Just head to Cisco Brewery and find a spot without the headache! There is ample parking thanks to a newer lot just down the road from the brewery. Bike path access is also excellent for the more active brewery-goer. But the best part about getting to the brewery is the free shuttle that runs every day, all day! This shuttle picks up downtown on Federal Street, and drops you off right smack where you want to be. We love staying safe when enjoying a couple cocktails so Team Fisher always recommends the shuttle, whether you are staying downtown or maybe you just want to grab a bite in town before you head home!

#9 Tours!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Tours

If you’re like us and always love to learn and know more, then the Cisco Brewery tours are an awesome way to spend part of your day! They last between 45 minutes to an hour and half. So grab $20 and a friend and get ready to see where and how the magic happens at the brewery, distillery, and winery! And, most importantly, sample two wines, two beers, and two spirits while you’re there.

#10 Staff!

Cisco Brewery Nantucket Staff

If you’ve read through numbers 1-9 you know that to pull all of this off is pretty amazing…and it wouldn’t be possible to have some of the best staff behind the scenes and at the bar! We love all the different personalities and friendly faces we get to see every time we stop by for a pint. You can imagine that with the population increase in the summer the staff here must increase along with it, and while we are so grateful for everyone that keeps this dream machine running. We are truly indebted to the staff that crushes it and keeps this place open for those of us lucky to live here, all year long!

So there you have it, you just have to be convinced at this point so what are you waiting for? Call Fisher at (508) 228-4407 to book your rental for fall or summer 2018 and make sure to set aside a few hours if you can to experience the “no place quite like it” Cisco Brewery!

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Marleah Lydon

Marleah loves the Nantucket lifestyle and takes advantage of as many aspects of it as possible. When she is not at the office, you can find Marleah fishing,