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Nathan Coe: Nantucket Photographer


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Nathan Coe Photography

When thinking of Nantucket photographers, one of the first names that comes to mind is Nathan Coe, a fine art photographer who is well known for his Double Exposure series, aerials, landscapes and wedding photography. We are lucky at Fisher Real Estate to have a few of Nathan’s large format works grace our office walls including “Creeks”. Nathan says, “Shot 2 years ago, ‘Creeks’ is one of my favorite landscapes to date. It was a surreal and spectacular sunrise over the Nantucket Harbor. About 30 Seconds after the sun rose with light gracing a new day and not a breath of wind. Only a few editions of this print remain and then no more will ever be reproduced.” Nathan uses “old school” techniques shooting with the industries highest grade medium format digital systems including Hasselblad lenses with the Phase One 100mp back.

Coe recently published his XL format coffee table book. The book comes in an elegant custom Nantucket Grey box set with embossed gold leaf features.  Each copy comes with its own signed and framed limited edition pigment print sandwiched in acrylic and displayed in the book case. Editions including ‘Supermoon Rising’ and ‘Cisco’ are still available.

Nathan will be opening a gallery in partnership with Illya Kagan called Kagan + Coe. Look for their doors to be open May 1st at 38 Centre Street. Visit his website at to order his fine art book. View his latest work on Instagram @NathanCoe