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Valeri Arnold-Osley: AAN Featured Artist


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We are thrilled to collaborate with the Artists Association of Nantucket this year to feature their talented artist members. The AAN is a non-profit organization supporting Nantucket artists, providing educational programs in the arts, and preserving the legacy of Nantucket artists. Visit their website, their gallery at 19 Washington Street, their studio at 24 Amelia Drive, or give them a call at (508) 228-0294.

For the month of March we are pleased to feature Valeri Arnold-Osley.

Valeri Arnold-Osley

This month’s “Meet the Artist” interview is with Valeri Arnold-Osley, a fine art painter, former nurse, and graduate of the Art Students League, NY, School of Visual Arts, NY, Kean College, NJ, and University of Houston, TX.

Interview conducted by AAN Chair of Professional Development and Artist Member, Erika Christensen Scully.

ECS: I understand that you live on the island with your husband, raising eight children, and you had a brief stint in nursing, before returning to your lifelong pursuit and love of painting, which began at age three. Do you remember what first ignited this creative drive?

VAO: For as long as I can remember, I have always felt compelled to interpret life through the creative process. As a child my parents always exuded such enthusiasm and happiness upon seeing a simple crayon drawing and that made me happy… perhaps that is where it all began.

ECS: When did you first come to the island, and where was your first island inspiration?

VAO: I first visited the island with my family as a teenager. My first inspiration for creativity on Nantucket didn’t come until after I had lived here full time, and experienced island life all year round. Then it came flooding in… the town, people, beaches, food, houses, activities, and general everyday life. I’ve now lived here for over 25 years and am still discovering new ways of seeing and creating from this incredibly beautiful place.

ECS: Where are your favorite places to paint today?

VAO: Favorite places for me to paint are not specific locations, but images I see which are full of color, light, pleasing compositions, and in a somewhat peaceful environment, on location; or in my studio. I don’t prefer one subject matter over another, but rather the process and the desire to evoke feelings in the viewer.

ECS: You have studied with some formal schools/art establishments, in NYC and elsewhere, as well as with some very established painters (including Dan Greene). What are your venues today (online or live) to continue the learning process and keep your work developing?

VAO: Online venues are great learning and developing processes for artists including myself. I do prefer real life experiences, though, pursuing them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

ECS: What three artists from your studies or life who have influenced or inspired your work?

VAO: Mary Cassatt, Daniel Greene, and all generations of the Wyeth family artists, are just a few artists who have influenced my creativity. ECS: What exhibit has impacted you the most in the past five years?

VAO: The Wyeth Museum Exhibition, of their family’s artwork, in Maine, was an incredible live source of art appreciation.

ECS: Favorite recent art book?

VAO: “Everybody Paints! The Lives and Art of the Wyeth Family,” by Susan Goldman Rubin. I’m waiting for a book to arrive right now: “Eternal Summer, the Art of Edward Henry Potthast.” I love his art. I own another book about his life and work and work that I enjoyed reading as well.

People can see my artwork at: Artists Association of Nantucket’s Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, Big Gallery, and Online Gallery., Valeri Arnold-Osley Studio (By appointment only)