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Kit Noble: AAN Featured Artist


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kit noble nantucket

We are thrilled to collaborate with the Artists Association of Nantucket this year to feature their talented artist members. The AAN is a non-profit organization supporting Nantucket artists, providing educational programs in the arts, and preserving the legacy of Nantucket artists. Visit their website, their gallery at 19 Washington Street, their studio at 24 Amelia Drive, or give them a call at (508) 228-0294.

Meet the Artists
Interviews conducted by Chair of Professional Development and Artist Member,
Erika Christensen Scully, to learn a bit more about their
artistic background, creative processes, and Nantucket connections.

This month’s “Meet the Artist” interview is with Kit Noble, a well-traveled commercial-turned-fine-arts photographer who has just opened his own gallery on island.

kit noble nantucket

Kit Noble

ECS: I understand you spent multiple decades in commercial photography, but today are primarily focused on Fine Art photography. Do you ever get tired of the same places on a small island or are there infinite inspirations with changing seasons, weather and light?

KN: After a 35-year career of commercial photography in Fairfield County and NYC, I relocated to Nantucket 15 years ago and began photographing and selling fine art photography. While I still do commercial work for select clients, fine art photography has become a true passion of mine. Photographing on a small island can be challenging in terms of finding unique imagery. I embrace that challenge – approaching places with fresh eyes and new ideas. I compete with many photographers on the island who also shoot in these same locations. Staying ahead of the pack means finding new ways to see.

ECS: What great photographers have influenced and inspired you?

KN: For portraits: Platon, Annie Leibowitz, Irving Penn, Mark Seliger, and Gregg Gorman. For landscape: Ansel Adams, Daniel Kordan, Sebastian Salgado and Jennifer Renwick.

kit noble nantucketECS: Do you think the novice person seeking good quality photos still needs a camera, or is the technology in high end iPhone cameras sufficient?

KN: It depends on their photography goals. If they’re only shooting for Instagram or to be an influencer, sure, an iPhone is fine. If he or she aspires to be a traditional fine art photographer they should have a good camera with exceptional glass (lenses). They need to know how to use their camera (in its manual settings) and take online courses to understand the principles and history of photography. Having an iPhone or expensive camera does not make you a photographer. Like any art form, it’s years of blood, sweat and tears. Tears of disappointment and of epic victories.

ECS: Do you ever work with old fashioned film?

KN: I do not. Nothing against it, just not my thing. I have lots of fun exploring the ever-changing digital “landscape.”

kit noble nantucket

ECS: Do you teach photography on the island?

KN: I teach private lessons to students who wish to improve their photography skills. Some of the areas I teach are listed on my website: I have one student who has been with me for 2+ years. She has produced two beautiful landscape books. I could not be prouder to be her teacher.

ECS: What are three favorite island spots?

KN: Stump Pond and the surrounding area, the South Shore and the creeks and ponds.

ECS: What is your preferred time of day to shoot?

kit noble nantucket

KN: Early morning including dawn, and late afternoon including dusk. If I shoot mid-day there has to be a particular event that justifies shooting at that hour (a solar eclipse, for example).

ECS: What local inspiration currently sparks your work and will you be working on this summer?

KN: To a fault, I run in too many different creative directions. I have lists of ideas that I rarely get to. This summer will be spent working with and lighting large objects (lighthouses, trees and classic cars).

ECS: I heard you have a new gallery to see your work in town. Where is it and when will it be open?

KN: The ‘Noble Fine Art’ Gallery is in town at Zero India Street, adjacent to the Atheneum gardens. The gallery is open now through mid-September from 10-6. Additionally my work can be viewed and purchased from my print store website