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Henry Michaelis: AAN Featured Artist


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henry michaelis

We are thrilled to collaborate with the Artists Association of Nantucket this year to feature their talented artist members. The AAN is a non-profit organization supporting Nantucket artists, providing educational programs in the arts, and preserving the legacy of Nantucket artists. Visit their website, their gallery at 19 Washington Street, their studio at 24 Amelia Drive, or give them a call at (508) 228-0294.

For the month of November we are pleased to feature Henry Michaelis.

Henry Michaelis

This month’s “Meet the Artist” interview is with Henry Michaelis, a new Artist Member, self-taught photographer, cinematographer, and a FAA licensed drone pilot. Read on to learn more about Henry’s Nantucket pop-up gallery, drone photography, and love of travel.

Interview conducted by AAN Chair of Professional Development and Artist Member, Erika Christensen Scully.

ECS: When did you first come to Nantucket and what brought you to the island? 

HM: I was two weeks old when my parents first brought me to Nantucket in August, 1997. I was lucky enough to have parents who had bought a house 35 years ago and who have been coming to the island since they were kids.


ECS: What ignited your passion for photography? 

HM: Initially it was the ocean and the visual artistry of surfing that inspired me to create. I started using a GoPro when I was about 15. When I went to UC Santa Cruz, I [had] housing [on the water] and started photographing my friends surfing and discovered that I was more interested in capturing open waves and other surfers on film than surfing myself.

ECS: How many years ago did you start photographing from drones and what inspired it?

HM: I started droning eight years ago when I was 17. At first, I was just curious about the technology, but once I saw the unique aerial perspective that drone photography offered, I became a fanatic and started capturing aerial shots all around the country. About 50% of my work is with drones, but I try to keep pushing other parts of my work like underwater photography and landscape/astrophotography.


ECS: You created a very serene and compelling pop up gallery space this summer, in Sweet Inspirations old location. Do you have plans to set up another space in the future?

HM: If I can manage to find another storefront this summer, then absolutely! I totally lucked into that location last summer, but sadly, it’s turning into a restaurant. 


ECS: Can you tell us about your artist in residency at Maria Mitchell this fall?

HM: I grew up going to Maria Mitchell camp and visiting the aquarium when I was young, so being an Artist-in-Residence was a dream come true for me. I love working with kids and embracing the natural wonders of this island, as well as its history, so Maria Mitchell was the perfect place for me to show my photographs this fall.

ECS: What have been your three favorite locations in the past three years?

HM: Cape Town, South Africa; Canary Islands, Spain; North Shore, Oahu.


ECS: What work destinations are you excited for in 2023?

HM: I am going to the North Shore of Oahu this summer for over a month. I’m really excited to push myself shooting in big waves!


ECS: Where can you work be seen?

HM: My work can be seen on my website


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