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December 2017 Nantucket Real Estate Market Insights


Market Insights

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No matter which sales were or weren’t included by various sources, Nantucket real estate enjoyed a banner year. Fisher excluded affordable home sales, foreclosure sales and the $37.5 million Nantucket Storage Center sale, to arrive at the 444 transactions totaling $983.8 million for 2017. This represented a slight transaction decline from 2016 but the fourth best dollar volume performance in Nantucket’s history. Broadly speaking, property values saw a substantial improvement if the 18 percent median home sale rise is any indication of the year-to-year change in value. Speculative home sales also increased from 2016, while vacant land sales declined on account of limited inventory. Affordable home sales enjoyed another year of solid success, though this data is excluded from the full-year figures included herein. Here are Fisher’s December Market Insights…