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September 2023 Nantucket Real Estate Market Insights


Market Insights

Jen Shalley Allen
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“For Fisher’s monthly reports, there are times where it’s a challenge to find a meaningful summary of the data. Other times, as in September, the story essentially writes itself and trends start to evolve sufficiently to begin a different narrative. September transactions illustrated that the top end of the Nantucket real estate is not only alive and well, it’s still thriving. In a time where most sales metrics are starting to fade compared to the period from 2020-2022, the data from the high end stands apart from the rest of the market. It continues to set records while the rest of the market posts a relative retreat.”

Here are Fisher’s September market insights from Jennifer Shalley Allen…

Written By

Jen Shalley Allen

Jen has worked on an impressive array of real estate transactions including two of the island’s largest and most complex vacant land transfers, commercial transactions, and single-family home sales,