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2019 Rentals: What Tenants & Homeowners Need to Know


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2019 Nantucket Rentals

Whether you’re a homeowner renting out your home for the season or this is your first time renting on Nantucket, Team Fisher has you covered with a rental tax updates, notable dates and recommendations so your time on island goes smoothly.

For Tenants

Massachusetts Rental Tax Update 

Governor Baker signed into law a bill regulating and taxing short-term rentals.  As of January 1, 2019, a hotel and motel room tax of 5.7 percent will be imposed on all Nantucket vacation home leases (less than 31 days) which begin on or after July 1, 2019.

This tax will be 5.7% (at a minimum) but the total tax may be as high as 14.45% for tenants. Here’s why:

The new law also allows cities and towns to levy additional taxes. As of right now, the local lodging tax for Nantucket is 6%. The Department of Environmental Protection may also opt in to and additional 2.75% tax to address water/environmental issues. There should be more clarity around the final tax amount come April 2019. 

Nantucket’s New Short Term Rental Tax from Fisher Real Estate on Vimeo.

We will keep you informed as more details on the bill become available but contact your Fisher agent if you have questions on how this may impact your rental.  Also, check additional information here 

Finding Your Ideal Rental

If you haven’t yet found what you are looking for in a rental, contact a Fisher agent so they can help you with a list of suggested properties based on your ideal criteria. We have a rental property for everyone, and calendars are filling up quickly, so call our team today to book your stay!

Save the Date: General Public Steamship Authority Reservation Dates 

Beginning Tuesday, January 15th at 5:00AM, the Steamship Authority opens online reservations for travel between May 15, 2019 – October 23, 2019. These tickets go fast so plan accordingly!

Beginning Thursday, January 29th you can make a reservation over the phone or in person for travel between May 15, 2019 – October 23, 2019.

*Note: you must provide the (1) year, (2) make, (3) model, (4) and license plate number of the vehicle you are traveling with. All vehicle reservations are non-transferable. 

Traveling Without a Car?

Don’t want to bring your own vehicle? No worries, Nantucket Island Rent-A-Car has you covered. From Jeep Wranglers to Mini Coopers they have something for whatever your needs may be. They are beginning to take reservations for 2019 so be sure to book early! Bonus: all Wranglers and SUVs come with a beach permit so you can drive onto your favorite beaches without any hassle. 

Planning Your Island Activities

Be sure to keep checking back on Fisher’s Blog for more activities, calendar of events, rentals and, of course, Nantucket fishing … all to come in 2019!

For Homeowners:


Save The Date: Headstart Steamship Authority Reservation Dates 

Beginning Tuesday, January 8th, reservations for Headstart customers (who must be in the Excursion and Preferred programs to participate) begins for travel dates between May 15, 2019 – October 23, 2019. Applications to sign-up for the Headstart program can be found here.

Add Your Property To Our Portfolio

Fisher now offers our homeowner paperwork digitally, making submitting your property even easier than before. Either submit the forms electronically via our website or download and send to 

Need Help Filling Your Calendar? 

Contact a Fisher agent today to let us know which dates you are still trying to book and if you are looking for advice on how to optimize your rental season.

Updated Photography  

Images that truly showcase your home are a key ingredient to attracting renters.  If you have new photos or would like to refresh the imagery, contact us today!

Time for a Refresh?

A new year is the perfect opportunity to update a few rental essentials in your home. Have there been any suggestions from previous tenants? Is there anything missing that could enhance the tenant experience and make your home more attractive to new tenants? Imagine the things you like to have when you stay elsewhere and implement them for your home.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Seasonal Updates: Take a look at the quality of your bed linens, towels, dish ware, appliances, beach equipment and outdoor furniture.  Does anything need replacing?
  • Seasonal To-Dos: Update us on any new amenities or renovations. This also includes any changes to your property management team (cleaners, caretakers, etc).  Have you changed your WiFi password? Do you have any changes to rates/availability for 2019? Have you changed your locks or added a lockbox? 

 Make House Instructions 

We believe the best way to ensure your house is well taken care of, and your tenants are happy, is to provide a document or booklet of house instructions for guests. A small guide with WiFi information, trash days, departure instructions, etc can go a long way. Finally, be sure to contact a Fisher Agent if you need help making your guide!

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