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Got Little Ones? We‘ve Got Kid’s Activities on Nantucket! Part 2


Nantucket Activities

nantucket kids activity

“I’m bored” isn’t a phrase you normally hear on the island because there are endless amounts of kid’s activities on Nantucket!  But sometimes we all need a refresher on some fun kid’s activities. Did you get the chance to read Part 1 of Nantucket Kid’s Activities? Happy Nantucketing! – Brent

Kid’s Activities on Nantucket

Go for a Hike!

kid's activities on Nantucket

Stay land based and go for hike!  Explore Altar Rock, the Cliff Walk in ’Sconset (be sure to look for the topiary whale made famous in Ahab’s Wife), or any of the Nantucket Conservation Foundations amazing properties.  Be on the lookout for deer, bunnies and some of the incredible birds (like Osprey) that make a stop in the 02554!  Sanford Farms is one of my favorites. With short, medium and long trail walks, there is something for everyone.

Fisher Tip: Be your own guide and explore the Linda Loring Foundation Self-guided Nature Trail. Click here to print the guide. Attend one of their many summer events!  Learn about Nantucket’s biologically diverse ecosystems and how LLF is a leading research institution.

A fun, land-based activity that you might not have participated in before, or at least not on an island, is disc golf (played with a Frisbee). Another 18-hole course was added to the island and the Sunken Ship has what you need to get started.  Check out an area of the island you might not have been to but before you go visit the website for the 411!

Family Lobster Dinner

kid's activities on Nantucket

Get some Lobstah!!  Head to any of our great fish markets and pick your lobsters right from the tank.  Bring home cooked or ready to be cooked lobsters. Most of our vacation rentals include a Lobster Pot in the kitchen, and we always list in our amenities. Use that outdoor space for an awesome, messy dinner that requires minimal cleanup. This will be the summer dinner the kid’s remember most – what’s better than lobster and s’mores?!?

Fisher Tip: A family that cooks together…..usually ends up with a big messy kitchen. So why not go to the Nantucket Culinary Center and have Chef Greg keep the peace with a family cooking class?  Each person is able to pick a dish or make teams for a culinary showdown.  When the body and mind have had too much sun, this might be a fun morning, afternoon or evening activity!

Here’s another lobstah dinner tip with a twist.  Head out to Bartlett’s Farm (pictured above) and order up a lobster dinner, available every night in the summer. They come complete with 1 1/4 lb lobster, Bartlett’s famous corn, steamed red bliss potatoes and melted butter!  Add a baguette, bottle of wine and any one of their decadent desserts, and you won’t have a reason to leave the beach! 

Head off the beaten path of Ladies Beach and drive as close to the beach as allowed.  Engage in a game of pass, corn hole, Spike Ball, or just let the kids frolic in the white water and surf.  After a hearty dose of activity, dive into dinner. Slow down the pace of life and watch as the sun slowly travels to the horizon changing into magical hues eventually fading into the ocean.  Drink in the moment of happiness and appreciate every minute because after everything else, this Nantucket memory will never fade!

Ride Bikes & Have a Picnic!

kids activities on nantucket

Rent bikes, grab a picnic lunch at Something Natural, the Culinary Center, the Green, or 45 Surfside and ride along one of Nantucket’s dirt roads that leads directly to the beach.  Jump in the ocean, have lunch and go explore some more!  

Fisher Tip: On that bike ride, pick some berries, visit the Moors, watch the kite boarders, get lost, go check out a pond or even the forest.  Yes, did you know we have a State Forest here on ACK? You can also rent a fat tire bike and see how many days it takes you ride around the island.  Did you know there is a race called The Rock Run where runners run the circumference of the island? Biking seems the faster way to go and what a great kid’s activities on Nantucket!

Great Point Lighthouse

kids activities on nantucket

Of course, there is the famous drive out to Great Point!  Rent a jeep, most of them come with the 2018 OSV permit. If you have brought your own sand-loving, 4×4 vehicle, pick up your permit at the gate. Don’t forget a map to explore the areas that are permissible for beach driving. And yes, they do mean deflate your tires down to 15psi. This is no joke. Most of us have at least one story about getting stuck, no need for you to become another statistic! 

Fisher Tip: Thanks to the Trustees of the Reservation you can have an island adventure that your kids will dream about forever.  The Great Point Lighthouse sticker is one worth getting.  Pack a cooler, snacks, beverages, lunch, dinner, fishing poles, beach towels, blankets, a small shovel, a whiffle and ball, snorkels. Explore the terrain – the inside route, the outside route, the far reaching corners to the towering lighthouse.  Finally, find out where the haulover is (not the shop) and why it was important to the history of Nantucket sea captains!

If after reading this list you are still hearing “I’m bored”, come see me at Fisher Real Estate on Main Street. I promise to find a kid’s activities on Nantucket that your children will find at least mildly entertaining.  In addition, I still have these kid’s activities on Nantucket up my sleeve:

  • 3D printing
  • the aquarium touch tank
  • arrowhead exploration
  • incredible art and pottery making
  • group surf lessons
  • wild food foraging