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Got Little Ones? We’ve Got Kid’s Activities on Nantucket! Part 1


Nantucket Activities

kids activities on nantucket

“I’m bored” isn’t a phrase you normally hear on the island because there are endless amounts of kid’s activities on Nantucket!  But If you do hear that dreaded phrase, a quick trip to one of our favorite spots below will provide the necessary reset your kids might need. After you’ve done the more popular version of these kid’s activities on Nantucket, revisit this blog for a new way to do it differently with our insider “Fisher Tips”. Here is a link to my second blog on kid’s activities. Happy Nantucketing! – Brent

Kid’s Activities on Nantucket

The Juice Bar

Kid's Activities on Nantucket

The Juice Bar is a great spot to start.  What doesn’t wash away the tears or the boredom (at any age!) like a magical scoop of homemade ice cream? Depending on how early your kid alarm clock woke you up that morning, you may be ready for a sweet treat after they open at 10am. Or, visit in the evening for the full Juice Bar experience including the wait in the long line, it’s always worth it and moves quickly. For a just before bedtime treat, visit before they close at 11pm during the summer months.

Fisher Tip: There are now several great ice cream shops on the island. We suggest that you visit them all while here and pick which one is your family favorite. Visit Cait’s blog “The Scoop on Nantucket Ice Cream: Everything you Need to Know” for all the juicy details.

Water Sports

kids activities on nantucket

Take the kids down to Jetties Beach and the Nantucket Community Sailing outpost and go kayaking, sailing, windsurfing (lessons available). Or jump over to the Sandbar retail store and grab some skimboards.  Watch as the kids do this activity with ease and sometimes grace……but don’t try it unless you are a skillfully adept adult.  Doing otherwise could treat you to a nice trip to our hospital facilities.

Fisher Tip: Head out to Pocomo Point and have the bravest family member try kite boarding.  It’s awesome for everyone, the rider and the team.  Kitetucket is excellent — who wouldn’t want to fly through the air above the ocean?!?  You’re Up water sports offers the more traditional tubing and waterskiing!

Another option is to rent a paddle board from the beach at Washington St Extension and go SUP (Stand Up Paddle) in the Creeks.  Remember to protect your phone in a Ziplock or leave it behind.  If you have little ones in tow, they can sit on the front of the board with rented life jackets as you make your way through this calm SUP’ing experience.

Fishing Trip

kid's activities on Nantucket

Oh, the books that have been written about the life lessons learned from fishing, too many to name! Grab a rod, get some bait and cast a line.  Most importantly, go see the guys at Bill Fisher Outfitters and they’ll get you all set – you’ll only have to cast the line and reel in the fish. 

Fisher Tip:  Go down to the docks and strike up a conversation to learn all about your options and hear the legendary fish tales of Nantucket waters. As you hear the excitement of reeling in the big catch and the battles had, plan your adventure out to sea!  Pond fish, charter fish, or go big and go to the Canyons off-shore with a charter. 

Don’t want to charter a boat, want the freedom of your own boat?  Go right down to Straight Wharf and see the guys with Island Boat Rentals. This makes for another incredible adventure where you can storm the shores of Coatue.  They will set you up with a boat, some directions and then shove you off to go forth and conquer!

Sports & Outdoor Activities

kids activities on nantucket

For the most part, people come to Nantucket because they love nature, the outdoors and being active.  What better way to celebrate the best of Nantucket and the health and wellness of your family by working out together?  There are plenty of 5K’s, swim events, golf courses and tennis courts for you to hold a great family challenge.  I have been fortunate to play several top courses in the US and one of my favorite rounds was on Skinner’s Golf Course with three special young boys…it is the perfect spot to teach kids about golf and life lessons, all while taking a beautiful walk.

Fisher Tip: Ok so you know you can go for a walk, take a run or swim together, but you could also mix it up and create an activity with an instructor just for your group.  You could schedule a yoga teacher to meet you on a beach for a family yoga session.  Or, hold your own cardio boot camp with one of the many terrific instructors on island.  You could also meet others and head to the Rotary early Saturday mornings. A dedicated cycling crew launches from this point every Saturday. For more details on the businesses that offer these private lessons, contact me at [Brent]

If after reading this list you are still hearing “I’m bored”, come see me at Fisher Real Estate on Main Street. I promise to find a kid’s activities on Nantucket that your children will find at least mildly entertaining.  In addition, I still have these kid’s activities on Nantucket up my sleeve:

  • 3D printing
  • the aquarium touch tank
  • arrowhead exploration
  • incredible art and pottery making
  • group surf lessons
  • wild food foraging 
  • stargazing at Maria Mitchell observatory


Check back for my next blog chocked full of fun things to do with your kids: Got Little Ones? We‘ve Got Kid’s Activities on Nantucket! Part 2.