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What’s in Season: Late June


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Nantucket is an incredible place to eat with the seasons. Islanders are finely attuned to the rhythms of the year, taking advantage of ingredients when they are at their peak. Some are well known — asparagus in Spring, tomatoes and corn in Summer, bay scallops in Fall, ice chunks in Winter — but it’s less well known that ingredients are hitting their peak throughout the summer, making it a challenge to keep up. Luckily, Bartlett’s Farm has regular seasonal updates on their Instagram page. 


field tomatoes sitting in a farmer's market box from bartlett's farm nantucket

Tomato season is in full swing right now, something we are very excited for. If you’ve never had a tomato from Bartlett’s, it’s a heavenly experience. The flavor is so full and delicious, they don’t need much more than a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt. They’ll be here all summer, but we recommend grabbing as many as you can right now. 

Organic Head Lettuce

bartletts farm nantucket lettuce

Organic Head Lettuce has just arrived and it’s looking beautiful. You can finally ditch the bag of lettuce mix in exchange for the real deal. A salad might seem like the obvious choice with lettuce and tomato, but a BLT on fresh Portugeuse bread will be a better beach companion!

Baby Greens

baby greens from bartletts farm nantucket

Baby Greens are here and will pair perfectly with the lettuce and tomato. You can almost taste the sunshine when you bite into the baby spinach and arugula, a clear sign that summer has arrived.


Asparagus is at the tail end of its season, so now is a great time to pick some up. We like it on the grill with a little parmesan, and, if you’re up to it, prosciutto and a poached egg.


nantucket roses blooming on a trellis in june

Roses are in full bloom throughout the island right now. If you’ve spotted a shock of pink on your morning bike ride, those are the roses saying hello. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you eat the roses — put them in a vase on your kitchen table to enhance the seasonal vibe of your kitchen. 

Stay tuned for more seasonal updates throughout the summer. As you can probably tell, full hydrangea season is almost here. We can’t wait!

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