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Nantucket’s 10 Best Lobster Rolls


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cru nantucket lobster roll with fries

Summertime in New England and lobster rolls go together like peanut butter and jelly. While Nantucket is more well-known for its clams and scallops, there are many restaurants serving up lobster like our friendly neighbors in Maine. Whether you want it straight from the fish market or are looking for something a little more upscale, there’re plenty of options out there. The hardest part will be figuring out how to try them all!

When it’s time to treat yourself, head out for a lobster roll at one of our favorite spots. There’s no better way to celebrate unforgettable summer days. 


167 Raw

167 raw nantucket food truck at night

The 167 roll is the perfect update to your fish market classic. Their buttery brioche, light use of mayo, and zap of lemon make this one a new classic. 


Brotherhood of Thieves

the brotherhood of thieves classic sign nantucket

The Brotherhood offers their own twist on the class, serving up a lobster BLT. Lobster and bacon together may seem like too much of a good thing, but trust us, there’s no such thing. 



cru nantucket lobster roll with fries
Photo: Cru

Cru’s breezy waterfront atmosphere comes through in their refined roll. Hot or cold, it’s made with finesse and paired with handmade fries instead of your classic Cape Cod chips. It’s the perfect companion for a stroll out onto the docks. 



millies nantucket food cart
Photo: Millie’s Nantucket

Millie’s keeps their roll focused on the star of the show — 6 ounces of fresh meat are piled high with just enough mayo to keep it all together. Take it out to the beach at sunset for the full experience. 



queequegs nantucket at night
Photo: Queequeg’s

Queequeg’s, named after the Moby Dick character, is a longstanding Nantucket institution. Though the restaurant itself is small and quaint, the lobster roll is anything but. Don’t leave without a bowl of their famous clam chowder!

Sayle’s Seafood

sayles seafood nantucket
Photo: Sayle’s Seafood

If you like your lobstah roll without the “r”, Sayle’s is the place for you. This nondescript local’s favorite is dedicated to regional seafood and it shows in the generous pile of claw and tail on their roll. As with all of the island’s fish markets, don’t ask if it’s fresh!


Something Natural

something natural nantucket
Photo: Something Natural

Alright, so this one is more of a lobster sandwich. Served on their famous, fresh baked bread, this lobster salad sandwich is to die for. It might even force you to question your allegiance to the traditional hot dog bun lobster roll. 


Straight Wharf

straight wharf nantucket
Photo: Straight Wharf Nantucket

Just when you think the lobster roll can’t get any better, Straight Wharf went ahead and added brown butter. This is the most elevated roll on our list, but still hits all those classic notes. Their hand cut kettle chips are just icing on the cake. 


The Nantucket Lobster Trap

the lobster trap nantucket lobster roll
Photo: The Nantucket Lobster Trap

The name here says it all. The Lobster Trap is your classic no frills New England seafood shack. Rather than pick a side in the ole hot vs. cold lobster roll debate, they offer both options to prove that (sometimes) you can have it all.


Walter’s Deli 

walters nantucket

If you’re heading to the ferry and suddenly realize you never crossed “Lobster Roll” off your Nantucket bucket list, Walter’s is the place for you. The lobster salad is piled high with lettuce and isn’t afraid of a little mayo. 

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