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Nantucket’s Best September Events


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Marleah Lydon
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Ask any Nantucketer or in-the-know visitor and they will likely tell you that September might just be the best month to enjoy this beautiful island 30 miles out to sea. Here, at Fisher Real Estate, we echo the sentiment wholeheartedly. It’s the wide open beaches with spectacular weather, the ease of grabbing the best seats at your favorite dining spot, an afternoon run accompanied by a cool breeze and catching a false albacore off the beach at Great Point — fall on Nantucket is quite simply, perfection! As if that weren’t enough, fall on Nantucket also comes with a few really great events to experience. Here are a few of our September favorites:

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The Nantucket Project

Looking for something inspiring while on the island? The Nantucket Project returns for its sixth rendition this weekend and is sure to once again deliver ground-breaking ideas in politics, technology, and so much more. Many past attendees refer to TNP as an ideas festival that is both inspiring and good for the soul. Our own Principal Broker, Brian Sullivan, notes that TNP helps him think outside the box and is head over heels for the approachable environment and opportunity for major growth. While TNP has been compared to TED talks or even the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival, it is the environment, intimacy, and palpable energy that sets TNP apart. The event takes place September 23rd-25th. And don’t for a second think that this is going to be some speech you go listen to while nodding off in your chair and move on with your life. At TNP, the audience is just as important and crucial to the experience as those on stage and it has had a positive impact on Nantucket living, especially for our kids. The Project inspired local island residents to lead the charge in “Kids Run the Island” which encouraged kids to get out and run and even greased the wheels for the High School to introduce Cross Country as an offered Fall sport. It also led camp, club, and school leaders from nearly 45 different programs to gather together for Camp Safety Summits to keep our kids safe throughout the summer. The event takes place September 23rd-25th and if you can’t make it this year, keep your eyes open for 2017 dates and be prepared to unlock your potential. Check out their website for more information.


The Nantucket Inshore Classic

Now in its 11th year, the Inshore Classic runs for just under a month from September 11th through October 15th so there is plenty of time to get some amazing fall fishing in. The tournament has come a long way the past couple of years adding new divisions and making a big splash on social media via Facebook and Instagram. Whether you are just here for a weekend, or are lucky enough to be here for all four weeks, it is anyone’s game to win. Categories range from all-tackle beach, all-tackle boat, fly, and the fairly new catch and release and feature striped bass, blue fish, false albacore, and bonito. And don’t forget to bring the kids (they fish for FREE!) and give them a shot at the Juniors category! This is a feel good tournament as all proceeds go to a scholarship fund that supports local kids as they head off to college. You can still sign up at the Nantucket Anglers’ Club or Bill Fisher Tackle. If you can’t swing it this year, be sure to look for it next September so you don’t miss out. Be sure to check out their website for more information and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of what is happening on the water this fall.


The Best of Fall Dining

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite from fighting all of those fish and taking in challenging ideas and insights, let’s talk about where to eat and when. The question of when has an easy answer with Nantucket Restaurant week just around the corner. From September 26th to October 2nd, you can head to a number of different fine dining favorites for a fraction of the price. Some restaurants offer a special restaurant week menu while others let you take your pick of anything they already offer with pricing from $35-$45 for a three to five course meal depending on the restaurant. Check out their website at to help you decide whether to try something new or cozy up at an old favorite. Restaurant week aside, this is the perfect time to get a reservation with ease (no waiting in line day of at Lola 41 or Nautilus anymore!) or even just drop in to your favorite dining establishment. All of the same great food and an easier to come by parking spot? Sign me up! The Fisher team also got to take part in an exciting tour of the Greydon House, a new in-town (like right smack in the middle of town) boutique hotel. The bar is already open and has a super cool whaling days or sitting in your own living room vibe. The restaurant is slated to open October 1st and since it will be helmed by Executive Chef Marcus Gleadow-Warerumor, I can’t imagine it won’t be spectacular. Rumor is they are already booking up with one-night stays on that day as reservations will go to hotel guests first!


So if you are contemplating a last minute fall getaway or want to get the jump on planning for next year, give us a call. The Fisher team is here to help you see why September (and October, post to come soon!) are our favorite months on Nantucket.

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Marleah Lydon

Marleah loves the Nantucket lifestyle and takes advantage of as many aspects of it as possible. When she is not at the office, you can find Marleah fishing,