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Your Nantucket Rental: An All Inclusive Guide


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nantucket rentalYou step off the ferry, laden with luggage and trying to navigate Nantucket’s busy sidewalks. All you want to do is unpack and relax! Fisher has your back when it comes to finding your perfect Nantucket rental home, be it a beachside cottage or historic downtown house. Read on to discover some rental tips and tricks that will ensure your Nantucket vacation is smooth sailing.

Find Your Nantucket Rental

Looking for something special? Get in touch with a Fisher agent to browse a selection of Nantucket rental properties curated specifically for you by our team. We’d love to connect you with the home you’ve been searching for!

Get Here

The Steamship Authority and Hy-Line Cruises offer a full range of ferry services from Hyannis, Massachusetts. The Steamship fleet includes high-speed and traditional ferries, while the Hy-Line specializes in quick, hour long crossings. Visiting between the months of May-October? Reserve your spot onboard ahead of time! You can make a reservation over the phone or book online.

Alternatively, skip the Cape Cod traffic and hop on the Seastreak in New Bedford instead.  You’ll arrive in Nantucket harbor in about two hours- without the headache. Seastreak also offers ferry services between New York City and Nantucket.

Fisher Tip: If you plan to travel with a car, you’ll want to secure a vehicle reservation on one of the Steamship’s traditional car ferries before summer begins. They can be tough to come by once the high season heats up.

Get Around

If you find yourself in a bind or want to avoid the ferry reservation hassle, vehicle rental agencies are a great option. Nantucket Island Rent-A-Car offers a wide selection of Sedans, Mini Coopers, Minivans, and more.

Fisher tip: All jeeps and SUVs come with beach permit. Drive on and drive off the island’s beautiful beaches-just be sure to deflate your tires first!

7A Crooked Lane, Town (click here!)

Get Comfortable

You arrive at your Nantucket rental after a long day of travel, only to have to go right back out again and combat the island’s crowded grocery stores. This isn’t how anyone would like to start their vacation! We’re happy to connect our tenants with concierge services so they can arrive at their rental and find it fully stocked with groceries, flowers, and more.

Fisher Tip: Want a frustration-free beachside clambake or farm tour? Check out our blog for curated experiences you can enjoy throughout your stay.

Get Out There

Although we hope that your Nantucket rental is so pleasant that you could stay all day, there are countless sights and activities around the island that you won’t want to miss. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites.


Nantucket boasts impressive stretches of sand and choosing where to park your umbrella can daunting. Let us help you select the right beach for your group!


If fishing is your style, check out Cam’s fishing report! It’s updated several times each month, so you can get the lowdown on Nantucket’s waters before you book your charter.


Getting out on the water is a must do on the island. Rent a craft of your own with Island Boat Rental, or check out three of our favorite ways to see Nantucket harbor by boat.

For the Kids

From rainy day ideas to outdoor adventures and tasty treats, you can find the best of Nantucket kid’s activities here on our blog. Don’t forget to check out the Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum’s children’s programs!

4 Aurora Way, Cisco (click here!)


Lisa Genthner

Born and raised on Nantucket, Lisa is incredibly excited to be back on the island as she prepares for her senior year at Dartmouth College. She feels most at home on the water and has an immense appreciation for the beauty and entertainment it provides. During the school year you may catch her taking a break from her economics studies to sail New Hampshire’s lakes. When she’s not assisting with marketing at Fisher, you can find her working on a new ceramic piece or catching the sunset on the south shore this summer!