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What are we most looking forward to?


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The days are getting longer and warmer and although there are strict restrictions on Nantucket around social distancing, the Fisher Crew put together a list of the things they are most looking forward to. Not surprisingly, most of them involve a day at the beach and enjoying one of Nantucket’s famed restaurants for dinner. What are you most looking forward to once restrictions are loosened up? We hope you will be enjoying Nantucket this summer!

What is Lara most looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to renting a kayak from Sea Nantucket and cruising through the harbor late in the afternoon and checking out all the boats. Afterwards, I’ll head to nearby Sayle’s for fresh fish to cook on the grill!”

What is Cait most looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to loading up our coolers with sandwiches and snacks (and rosé) from Fresh Nantucket for a full day at Fisherman’s Beach with friends. After many dips in the ocean and working on our tanlines, I can’t wait to grab dinner from the Nantucket Meat & Fish Market and spend the night grilling out until sunset. It’s my perfect Nantucket day.”

What is Gaelan most looking forward to?

“I can’t wait to pull up to the food truck and market garden at 167 Raw, hungry after a full day at Miacomet Beach. I’ll be having the tastiest fish tacos with a side of chips, guacamole and a key lime pie for dessert.”

What is Jen most looking forward to?

“Reuniting with family and friends on our beautiful island this summer.  I can’t wait until we can spend warm sunny days out on the water, lazy afternoons at the beach, and gather together at night for yummy summer cookouts.  There is so much to look forward to!”

What is Liza most looking forward to?

“One of my favorite things to do after the beach is to go downtown to The Juice Bar and get a delicious homemade waffle cone with a scoop of Green Monster ice cream with chocolate jimmies. You can walk down to the boat basin and check out all the boats that have arrived and then do a bit of people watching. ”

What is Danno most looking forward to?

“As I am sitting at home, I cannot wait for the schoolie stripers to work there way back up into the harbor. I love trekking the waterline with my dog and casting at fish. They always put up a fun fight and get you even more excited for the bigger fish to come.”

What is Erin most looking forward to?

“I can’t wait until the warm, sunny days of Summer when I will be going to Ladies Beach and stopping at Bartlett’s Farm for a tuna salad sandwich to take to with me!  The best beach days are when I run back to Bartlett’s for sunset snacks and stay at the beach until the sun dips below the horizon.”

What is Brent most looking forward to?

“Truly just happy to be out and about in warmer weather be it the opportunity to work and connect with more great families with their Nantucket dream, supporting our great and many small businesses and, of course, warm, long beach days and magical sunsets.”

What is Sully most looking forward to?

“Having my boat in the water and fishing before work at sunrise and after work at sunset on the same day.”

What is Gina most looking forward to?

“We can’t wait to get back to the playgrounds, most especially the ones the Nantucket Land Bank maintains! Oh, and boating too.”

What is Marleah most looking forward to?

“I can’t wait to anchor up at Esher’s island for the day with my family once they can come visit. We will enjoy tasty sandwiches and drinks from Fresh Nantucket before we head over to Cisco Brewers to meet up with friends and dance to some Foggy Roots. We’ll meet up with one of our favorite babysitters at home before we grab a table and Nautilus for a duck feast and some delicious craft cocktails!”