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Four Tips for Safe Driving on Nantucket


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One unique trait of Nantucket is that we have ZERO traffic lights on the island. Whether you are brining your car over on the ferry or renting from a local rental company, you may notice that life moves at a slower pace here. That includes when driving on our congested, narrow, historic, cobblestone and dirt roads! These four tips from the Town of Nantucket’s June newsletter should be kept at the top of your mind when behind the wheel in 02554 and 02556.

  1. Without traffic lights, we use kindness and courtesy on Nantucket!

  2. Please be aware of bikers and pedestrians –  they generally have the right of way

  3. Do not pass within 3 feet of bicyclists who are riding on the road

  4. Consider a Random Act of Kindness by letting someone go in front of you*

*This last tip is one of the most charming aspects of Nantucket living. A quick wave will signal to the other person (vehicle, pedestrian, biker, delivery truck, whoever) to go in front of you.

Thank you for reading and following these 4 tips for safe driving on Nantucket!