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Do you need a car when vacationing on Nantucket?


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Do you need a car when vacationing on Nantucket

Interactive NRTA WAVE Map

Do you need a car when vacationing on Nantucket?

No. It is not necessary to have a car to get around Nantucket.

Getting to Nantucket

To get to Nantucket, there are several transportation options available, such as flying into Nantucket Memorial Airport or taking a ferry from mainland Massachusetts. There are car services that can drive you from major airports in Boston, Providence, RI, Etc. Once on the island, there are plenty of options for you to get around! Read more here.

The island has a public bus system called the Wave, which runs year-round and connects most areas and destinations. You can also rent bicycles or mopeds, and there are taxi and ride-sharing services available. If staying in a vacation rental home, you can use one of the local bike companies and they will even deliver and pick up bikes to your rental.

Do you need a car when vacationing on Nantucket
Interactive NRTA WAVE Map

There are several transportation options available on Nantucket Island for getting around the island.

Getting Around Nantucket

Public Transportation:

The Wave is a public bus system that runs year-round and connects most major areas and destinations on the island.

Bike Rental:

You can rent bicycles and electric bicycles from several rental shops on the island.

Moped Rental:

Mopeds are another popular mode of transportation on the island.

Taxi and Ride-Sharing Services:

Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are available on the island.

Car Rental:

Car rental services are also available on the island. This is a fun way to rent a car for a day or two and then go explore the outlying areas that are less traveled!

Walking and Biking:

Nantucket is a very walkable and bike-friendly island, so it’s also possible to get around by foot or bike.

Trolley, Sightseeing Tours and Shuttle Service:

During summer season, some hotels and inns to different destinations on the island. There are also private trolley and shuttle services that you can arrange to take a small to large group around the island in.

Here is a great blog featuring the contact information of local transportation companies from our Fisher Nantucket Travel Guide.

Overall, Nantucket’s compact size and well-maintained roads make it easy to get around by any means of transportation.