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How walkable is Nantucket?


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How walkable is Nantucket?

Nantucket is a small island located 33 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. It is known for its historical downtown area and picturesque scenery. The downtown area is relatively compact and can be easily explored on foot, so it is considered a “walking town.” Additionally, there are many walking trails and bike paths around the island that offer beautiful views of the ocean and the island’s natural beauty. All those outlying trails, beaches and general areas are easily accessible by the Wave Shuttle, which is free to riders in 2024 from April 1st to September 30th. 

Do I need a car for a day trip?

There are many things to do on foot in Nantucket, including:

•Exploring the historic downtown area, which features charming cobblestone streets lined with shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

•Visiting the Nantucket Whaling Museum, which offers a glimpse into the island’s rich maritime history.

•Walking along the beach to enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean.

•Taking a tour of the historic homes and gardens, many of which are open to the public.

•Exploring the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s many preserves and nature trails, which offer opportunities for hiking and bird watching.

•Walking around the island’s lighthouses, such as Brant Point Light and Great Point Light.

•Visiting the Nantucket Atheneum, which is the island’s public library and also offers art exhibitions and cultural events.

•Enjoying the Island’s beautiful natural scenery, the moors, and the salt marshes. Use the Wave!

•It is a great way to take in the island’s history, culture, and natural beauty while getting some exercise.

Where Can I Find a Map?

There are several places you can go to get more information on Nantucket:

•The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce website ( offers information on accommodations, dining, events, and activities on the island.

•The Nantucket Visitors Guide ( provides an overview of the island’s history, culture, and attractions, as well as information on transportation, lodging, and dining.

•The Nantucket Historical Association website ( offers information on the island’s history, as well as information on tours, events, and exhibitions.

•The Nantucket Conservation Foundation website ( provides information on the island’s natural resources and conservation efforts, as well as information on outdoor activities and events.

•The Nantucket Atheneum website ( offers information on the island’s public library and cultural center, including events, lectures, and exhibitions.

All of these websites offer a lot of information about the island and will help you plan your trip or just help you know more about it. See you on the cobblestones this summer!