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Nena Meurlin: Nantucket Photographer


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Nena Meurlin is a landscape photographer from Virginia and has spent summers on Nantucket since she was a little girl. She specializes in coastal scenes and vibrant colors of the natural world, and her main love is the ocean with all the various colors, shapes, and forms it takes on. She creates unique compositions that appeal to the eye, and many have said it presents a sense of relaxation and serenity. Her favorite images come from Nantucket because the island has such wonderful lighting and nautical subjects to capture. “Every time I come back to Nantucket it gives such a sense of gratitude.” 

Nena’s love for water isn’t limited to Nantucket as she captures the beauty of Lake Champlain in Vermont, to coastal waters in NC, Florida, and Virginia. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia. Nena Meurlin Photography was founded in the fall of 2018 where she sells her fine art prints and framed prints via her website and Instagram. She wants her work to brighten up your space and bring joy. When not working on her business, Nena spends time with her husband and two boys. 



Instagram: @nenameurlinphotography

Nena Meurlin’s Nantucket Photo Gallery