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Nantucket’s Land Bank Dog Park is Open!


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nantucket Dog Park

On December 12, 2021, the Nantucket Land Bank opened Nantucket’s first fenced-in dog park conveniently located mid-island at 5 Miacomet Road. There is a 41,200 square foot large dog area, a 26,620 square foot small dog area and parking lot.

Video by NCTV 18 via YouTube

The dogs of Nantucket are yipping and woofing with delight to have a safe place to exercise and socialize with their friends off-leash. And their owners are pretty excited to have another dog-friendly resource on Nantucket!

Thanks to the Nantucket Land Bank for building this community-centric park.

Nantucket Dog Park
Nantucket Land Bank Dog Park

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