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Nantucket is one of the most incredible places to live, visit, and share with family and friends. Likewise, Nantucket is a fantastic place for our four-legged friends as well! At first, it may seem challenging to vacation on island with a pet, but we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks sure to make it a breeze.

nantucket pet rentals


Tips for Renting with a Pet

Pet-friendly options can sometimes be hard to find when looking for a vacation rental on Nantucket. However, here at Fisher Real Estate, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of pet-friendly homes to choose from for your stay.

If you wish to bring your furry family member, service animal, or ESA, please inform your Fisher agent at the beginning of your rental search process. Do note that some non-pet homeowners will allow a dog if it has been previously referenced or is a hypoallergenic breed.

Homeowners will often ask renters choosing to bring a pet to pay a non-refundable pet fee and hold you responsible for any damages inflicted to the home, including any exterior and landscape clean-up. 

Check out these pet-friendly homes available for weeks in June through September:

nantucket pet rental

98 Baxter Road

nantucket pet rental

18 Gardner Road

nantucket pet rental

2 Nautilus Lane

nantucket pet rentals


FISHER TIP: Bring your dog brush! Take advantage of the outdoor showers at your rental to wash salt and sand from your dog. Let your pet dry outside and give them a quick brush before returning inside the house. Sand and excess fur in the home may increase cleaning time and your cleaning bill.

You can also take your dog to Geronimo’s to the Dirty Paws Dog Wash for a good scrubbing!

nantucket pet rentals


Pet Friendly Inns

If you are looking to stay less than seven nights during the summer, here are a few local inns that accept pets.

The Brass Lantern, 11 North Water Street,

Nantucket Resort Collection, 3 Step Lane,

Faraway Nantucket, 29 Center Street,

29 India House, 29 India House,

The Nantucket Hotel and Resort, 77 Easton Street,

Blue Iris by Lifehouse, 10 Hussey Street,

nantucket pet rentals


Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and Ticks are particularly prevalent in warmer weather. You may see these parasites or flea dirt (black specks) on your pet and in their fur.

On Nantucket, some ticks carry Lyme Disease. Please refer to the Nantucket Health Department’s website to learn more about Lyme Disease and Tick safety on Nantucket.

FISHER TIP: We recommend investing in flea and tick prevention before your arrival on Nantucket. Homeowners may require a note of proof from your dog’s Veterinarian that they have undergone parasitic prevention. 


Once you have secured your pet- friendly vacation rental, rest assured! Nantucket has many fun adventures for you and your pet to enjoy this summer season. 

nantucket dog park

Land Bank Dog Park

The Nantucket Land Bank recently added a dog park to their ever-growing list of exceptional properties. The new dog park features a fenced-in section for small dogs and a separate section for larger dogs. Dogs may run free inside the fences, but pets and owners alike are expected to adhere to park rules while utilizing the space.

Walk the Trails

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation has miles of trails to discover with your dog. The trail’s rules are that dogs be on a leash or must be under the owner’s control.

FISHER TIP:  Bring a lint roller with sticky sheets you can remove as they fill up. If you roll this all over your dog right after a walk, you will likely pick up any loose ticks that may have hitched a ride on your pet’s fur. Instead, they should stick right to the sheets for easy, yuck-free disposal!

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Beach Days

Most of Nantucket’s beaches are dog-friendly.  The rules for dogs and beaches are as follows:  

Dogs are not permitted on Nantucket Island beaches where lifeguards or endangered species habitats are present (look out for nesting birds like Piping Plovers). Dogs on a leash are allowed on most of Nantucket’s non-lifeguarded beaches year-round. From April 1st – Aug. 31st, dogs are only permitted before 9:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. in all designated lifeguard areas. Don’t forget to bring along water for your dog too! When they get hot and try to drink ocean water, it is not good and can make them sick!

View our map to see Team Fisher’s favorite beaches on the north, south, and eastern shores.


FISHER TIP:  If you are like me and have a dog that doesn’t know how to swim (yes, I have a Lab that doesn’t know how!), you can purchase a life vest for them at Tidal Creeks!


Dog Dining

Nantucket has some dog-friendly establishments where you can dine with your dog. 

Easy Street Cantina – 2 Broad Street

Sandbar at Jetties Beach – 4 Bathing Beach Road

Island Kitchen – 1 Chins Way

Millies – 326 Madaket Road

Something Natural – 50 Cliff Road

Black-Eyed Susan’s – 10 India Street

Lemon Press – 41 Main Street

The Tavern – 4 Harbor Square

Bartlett’s Farm – 33 Bartlett Road

Cisco Brewery – 5 Bartlett Farm Road

Lola 41 – 15 South Beach Street

Queequeg’s – 6 Oak Street

Or, The Whale – 38 Main Street

The Rose and Crown – 23 South Water Street

Brant Point Grill @ The White Elephant

The Breeze Restaurant @ The Nantucket Hotel

Fairgrounds Restaurant – 27 Fairgrounds Road

Oath Pizza – 44 Straight Wharf

Espresso to Go – 1 Toombs Court

Claudettes Sandwich Shop – 10 Main Street, Siasconset

FISHER TIP:  You can get frozen dog treats at Island Kitchen and at Jack and Charlie’s.


Dog Retail Shopping

Nantucket has some great pet stores where you can buy specialty treats, food, and the most adorable pet accessories!


The Black Dog General Store – 32 Main Street

Geronimo’s – 119 Pleasant Street

Pawsitivity – 5 Center Street


Dog Identification

When traveling with your pet, make sure to have the following with you in case of an emergency

  • Updated photo of your pet
  • Copies of their health records
  • Proof of rabies vaccination
  • All pets should be leashed while on Nantucket and be wearing a collar with current contact information

TIP – If you need a name tag made for your pet while you are here, you can find them at Geronimo’s.


Dog Clean Up

The Town of Nantucket’s General By-Laws requires pet owners to “scoop up” after their pets, both in public places and on property owned by another. Owners may be charged a fine if they do not clean up after their pets. “Section 2a. It shall be the responsibility of each person who owns, possesses or controls a dog to remove and dispose of any feces left by his/her dog on any street, public place or any private property of another. This section shall not apply to a guide dog accompanying any handicapped person.” Please know that a homeowner will require you to clean up after your pet, or you will be charged. 


Pet Emergency

Nantucket has a beautiful pet hospital with a fantastic staff! If you think your dog may be sick, call Offshore Animal Hospital at (508) 825-2287. They also have Emergency Technicians on call, so if calling after hours, listen carefully to the recorded message for another number. If your pet wanders away or becomes lost, found animals are often taken to NISHA, located just behind Offshore Animal Hospital.