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Nantucket’s Nanpuppets with Lizza Obremski


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Nanpuppets are a group of hand puppets created and performed by local educator Lizza Obremski. Nanpuppets have been teaching and entertaining children since 2015. Each year their popularity has grown to the point that they can now be enjoyed at a wide variety of venues. The puppets perform year-round at the Atheneum and local schools. In high season, Nanpuppets can barely find time to sleep!

You can catch a performance at Cisco Brewery, Children’s Beach, and numerous public and private events. They love to perform at birthday parties and are proud to note that most often, adults enjoy them as much as the kids do.


To keep up with the demand for more exposure, Nanpuppets will now be featured in their own TV show, starring Lizza and all her puppet friends. “The Lizza Show” is premiering on YouTube and Nantucket Community Television in January 2022 and will provide children with simple, back-to-basics entertainment and fun to help counteract the effects of excessive amounts of technology. Lizza has a way of relating to children that makes them feel valued and heard.

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