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The Dreamland Drive-In Is a Blast From the Past


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Photo: Nantucket Dreamland

A nostalgic tradition has been born again this summer: the drive in theatre. Both a creative solution to social distancing and a revival of a summertime tradition, the Dreamland Theatre’s summer drive-in has been a welcome addition to Nantucket this summer! 

The community mobilized quickly to build out the drive-in space and put all the pieces together for safe movie-going all summer. For some parents, it’s an exciting trip down memory lane and for kids, it’ll feel like stepping right into an old movie. Maybe the kids won’t even know what a drive-in is and you can surprise them after pulling into the lot. 

The Dreamland has a FAQ page to answer all of your drive-in questions, but we’ll cover some of the basics here.

Where is it?

dreamland nantucket drive-in theatre
Photo: Yesterday’s Island

The theater itself is located on The Playing Fields at 7 Nobadeer Farm Road out by the airport. They did an incredible job setting the whole thing up, making it hard to believe it hasn’t been there for years. 


How does it work?

dreamland nantucket drive-in theatre
Photo: Nantucket Dreamland

One movie is screened each night, starting at 8:30 and gates close 15 minutes before, so be sure to get there early. Tickets are only available online and will be going pretty fast , so, as with many experiences this summer, it’ll help a lot to plan ahead. Arriving early will also garner you a premium parking spot. All cars are organized in a triangular pattern, so all cars have a good visual of the screen. You can sign up for updates here to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

When you get there, the audio will be broadcast over 93.9. Your car ignition will need to be off during the film, so check ahead of time to make sure that won’t be an issue.

While there might be food trucks some nights, it’s not a guarantee. It might be easier to bring your own food, so you don’t have to leave the car anyway. We recommend take-out from Pizzeria Gemelle or Centre Street Bistro. Please be aware that both alcohol and pets are not allowed per town rules.


What movies will be showing?

jaws classic poster

Although the experience itself will be nostalgic, the movies will be a mix of new releases and old classics. It’s been a summer of Jaws so far, with all of the drive-in showings selling out through August. Other films include: Stand By MeKnives OutGreaseThe Perfect Storm, among others. The Dreamland has done a great job mixing in summer classics, new releases, and kid-friendly films so there’s always night for someone. 

Tickets are available through September and we heard they may be showing movies through November!

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