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Do You Need a Car on Nantucket?


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If you’ve spent a summer on Nantucket before, you might remember spending some time in traffic. While many areas of Nantucket are luckily navigable by foot, Team Fisher has put together a handy guide for getting around the island. 

Biking Town

If you are located in or around town and don’t plan on venturing outside of this area, there is no need to have a car. Downtown Nantucket is easily walkable, and many restaurants, beaches, and activities surround the island’s center. If you want a bike or moped, you can visit shops like Young’s on Broad Street. We highly recommend renting bikes, as many of Nantucket’s beaches and villages (‘Sconset, Madaket and Surfside) are accessible via bike path.

Fisher tip: Children under 15 must wear a helmet when biking. Bikers are not allowed to ride on the sidewalks and must obey one-way street rules (you don’t want to bike down Main St)!nantucket cars

Hitting the Off Roads

Should you be located outside of town, you may want to consider bringing your own car or renting one on island. Nantucket hosts several unique spots that are hard to reach by foot or bike. For some added fun, consider renting a four-wheel-drive vehicle (a Jeep is a great choice) to explore off-road areas (visit companies like Hertz at the airport). If you purchase a Beach Driving Permit, you can even venture onto areas like 40th Pole and Nobadeer Beach.

If you choose to bring a car, Fisher recommends that you keep out of town during rush hours. Nantucket’s plethora of one-way and narrow streets makes for gridlock clusters in the summer season. Parking in town can also be difficult and ticketing is strict. 

Fisher tip: NPD is no longer chalking car tires while ticketing this summerset a timer on your phone so you don’t get a ticket!

Take the Shuttle Bus

Nantucket also has a vast network of shuttle buses called “Wave” that run frequently around island. To check out the Nantucket Regional Transport Authority’s schedule and routes, click here. Wave buses are handicap accessible and have bike racks for those traveling with bikes. If your dog is well behaved and dry (don’t come straight from the beach!), you are welcome to bring them on board. 

If you need a ride on-demand, Nantucket has plenty of taxi and Uber or Lyft services available. Most taxis can be found across from Blue Beetle towards the bottom of Main Street. 

No matter what mode of transportation you take, Nantucket is a wonderful place to explore. Our team at Fisher wishes you safe travels!

Born in Boston and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Emma has spent every summer on Nantucket since childhood. Emma currently attends Boston College where she studies Finance and Marketing in the Carroll School of Management. She hopes to pursue a career in marketing post-grad. Emma loves to travel, but finds the most joy in appreciating what Nantucket has to offer. When she isn’t assisting with Fisher’s marketing, Emma can be found at the beach!

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