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Overview of the Coastal Resilience Plan


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Quinn Veysey
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According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimations, nearly 2,400 buildings on Nantucket are at risk of impact by coastal flooding and/or erosion due to sea level rise (SLR) over the next 50 years. With an estimated cost of damages at $3.4 billion and the potential for unseen impacts on the local economy, the Town and County of Nantucket have developed a coordinated response known as the Coastal Resiliency Plan (CRP). The plan’s details are outlined in the comprehensive 286-page document finalized in late 2021.

Nantucket Coastal Resilience Plan

Kicked off under the obligation of the Town’s 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan, the Town put together an impressive collaboration with various Town departments, community groups, and supply chain providers to develop an actionable plan that determines risks, priorities, a budget, and timeline. 

It’s impossible to protect every home, commercial building, island resource, and asset, so the CRP has laid out an initial roadmap of 40 projects for implementation and completion in the next 5-15 years and beyond. Focus areas were identified as Downtown/Brant Point, ‘Sconset, Madaket, South Shore, Polpis/Nantucket Harbor, and Jetties to Eel Point.

The highest priorities were assigned to efforts that protect the critical infrastructure that supports remote island living, like power/data cable, substations, water systems, and transportation. In addition, the importance of history and cultural institutions was also acknowledged as providing unique and significant assets to the island.

The estimated costs for the projects recommended through the CRP are between $830-$900 million. The Select Board had expressed unanimous support for adopting the plan in a meeting in January but voted 3-2 against adopting it later that month. The CRP has stated that the document and its recommendations will be dynamic and will require re-evaluations as time goes on, so stay tuned.


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Quinn Veysey

Nantucket has been a constant in Quinn’s life since he was born, but it was working here through high school, college, and beyond that fueled his love for the island. A native of nowhere, Quinn was born in DC, grew up in Chicago and Cleveland, and earned his degree in Economics at Colorado State University. Working summers on ACK at Nectars, various bars and restaurants, fishing boats, and building homes he got a “real job” working in the financial sector for a year when he got a call from Fisher co-founder, Cam, who offered him a job at Vineyard Vines. Starting off in sales and developing the direct-to-consumer business, Quinn was then recruited to run sales nationally for johnnie-O which was still in its infancy. He opened and ran the sales office from Greenwich, CT for nearly a decade consistently delivering results. Recognizing early on that no one wants to be sold anything helped Quinn differentiate himself in sales roles as someone who finds the best outcomes by achieving mutually beneficial results. True partnerships rooted in communication, honesty, integrity, and loyalty are the hallmarks of his work ethic. Quinn lives on Nantucket with his amazing wife, Graham, three beautiful daughters and their lab mix, Rhody. He enjoys spending quality time with family, racquet sports, fishing, biking, and is trying to find enjoyment in running.