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NHA Baskets Bubbly

Baskets & Bubbly Celebration: Sunday, July 16
Online Auction: July 10-17

baskets and bubbly nantucket

The annual summer fundraiser, Baskets & Bubbly, supports the island craft of Nantucket lightship baskets with a Celebration Under the Whale at the Whaling Museum, accompanied by an online auction providing bidders with the exclusive opportunity to bid on baskets and basket-related items.

NHA Baskets Bubbly

Karen Butler and Jackie Kupper will chair this year’s fundraiser for their third year.  “A Nantucket lightship basket, no two exactly alike, reflect the creativity and ingenuity of the person who made it. We invite you to attend the Baskets & Bubbly Celebration Under the Whale and encourage those who own a Nantucket lightship basket to carry it on your arm to share with all at this event. This annual tradition of an informal basket parade has been ongoing for many years at this event. We will look forward to seeing everyone at the celebration and placing bids online for a basket item to treasure,” says Karen Butler and Jackie Kupper.

NHA Baskets Bubbly

A special exhibition Nantucket Lightship Baskets, will open at the Hadwen House on Memorial Day weekend.  This exhibit traces the development of Nantucket lightship baskets from their 19th-century origins to the diverse traditional and experimental forms created by the island’s weavers today. It will highlight individual makers across time and feature the José Reyes workshop and a special case displaying the many basket purse designs he invented before settling on the iconic form still prized by collectors today. The NHA’s Decorative Arts program will continue offering basket-themed workshops for youth and adults; check out our calendar of workshops here.

Proceeds from the Baskets & Bubbly will help support the iconic Nantucket lightship basket craft by enhancing the permanent lightship basket collection, displaying exhibitions, and teaching children and adults the art form. The Nantucket Lightship Basket Fund at the NHA is used solely to carry out this mission and share the history of Nantucket Lightship baskets.

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