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Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals


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Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals

Courtesy of NiSHA

Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals

Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals (NiSHA) is the island’s resource for pets and their families. Nantucket’s only animal shelter, NiSHA will never turn away an animal in need. More than helping animals, NiSHA helps families—with assistance for critical care of a pet, counseling for pet behavioral issues, and aid for seniors who need help with their pets. Whether it is offering tips on pets in rental homes, reuniting pet and person, facilitating the adoption of a new family member, or assisting financially with an ill or injured pet, NiSHA works to keep families with pets together.

NiSHA is also the island’s humane education hub, with an aim to alert people of all ages to the issues of pet overpopulation and homelessness, proper and responsible care of pets, and the joys and benefits of adopting a shelter animal. Incorporated in 2012, NiSHA has already helped over 1,600 pets.

NiSHA: Adopt, Educate, Advocate.

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