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Before you visit or buy on Nantucket, you may want to do some research on the different Nantucket neighborhoods. Luckily there is something for everyone. Looking for a quiet escape? Madequecham or Quidnet may be the destination for you. Want to be around the hustle and bustle? Look for an in-town property where it’s busy all summer long. Here is a list of the different Nantucket neighborhoods and what they have to offer.

Nantucket Map Nantucket Neighborhoods
Nantucket Map


 Historically preserved and simply beautiful, downtown Nantucket can be equated to nowhere else on earth. Charming, grey-shingled homes abut pocket gardens heavy in hydrangea and climbing roses, resembling something straight out of a magazine. Meandering cobblestone streets serve as a choose-your-own adventure of sorts, the promise of new discovery just around each bend. Come summer, families filter in and out of familiar, sentimental haunts for ice cream, t-shirts and souvenirs, or easily stroll to town beaches for days spent in the sun and surf.

Brant Point

This area is best known for its lighthouse, a beacon to greet visitors as they make their way in and out of Nantucket’s harbor, but is really home to so much more; ideal, quiet neighborhoods with flat, green lawns, and shore line facing the picturesque and often sail-boat dotted Nantucket sound. Beaches here are a favorite for fisherman and small waves make it ideal for children and families. Restaurants and shops are just a short stroll or bike ride away in town.


Nantucket surf culture thrives here, and it’s not just for the pros anymore. Young and old alike favor this beach for its sand bar, which produces consistent, rideable swells. Neighborhoods are quiet and pristine, with a relatively new bike path providing easy access to Cisco brewery and the market at Bartlett Farm.


The Cliff area is literally above it all in more ways than one, earning its name for its geographic placement on the high cliffs looking out onto Nantucket sound. This area boasts quiet, highly desired neighborhoods with tree-lined streets, and epic views of the ferry going in and out of the harbor. Calm beaches and easy access to town make this an ideal neighborhood for summer living at its finest.


This area, home to the Linda Loring Foundation, boasts over 104 acres of pristine conservation land, and is home to Osprey, songbirds and wild flowers. The beach offers calm waters for easy swimming, and amazing sunsets to the west over Tuckernuck Island. Come August, be on the look out for phosphorescence in the water, a type of algae that glows upon human contact in the moonlight, making Dionis a truly magical part of Nantucket island.

Edge of Town

Meandering roads offer safe, quiet neighborhoods, while close proximity to bike paths and downtown connect you to the pulse of the island. On the edge of town you are far enough from the action to still see the unspoiled night sky of Nantucket, but close enough to not have to worry about parking should you want to venture into town for the day. This area has a historic feel about it, with soft rolling hills and historic parks.

Hummock Pond

This centrally located area near Cisco beach is home to arrowheads, Osprey and of course, the gorgeously long Hummock Pond. Homes in this area generally offer views of this crystal blue body of water, sounds of distant surf and bird song, with close proximity to one of the island’s best beaches, Cisco Beach.


Although world-renown for its sunsets, this western area of Nantucket is home to so much more. Located six miles from town, Madaket maintains a wild spirit. Sandy trails meander through flowering moors, miles of coastline, and the best views of Nantucket’s starry night skies. Smith’s Point offers endless fun for the little ones, with plenty of hermit crabs, minnows and other wild life to find and study in its shallow, calm bay.


This centrally located part of the island is home to some of the island’s best surf, and is a Mecca for boogie boarders and surfers. Considered off-the-beaten path, Madequecham is an ideal spot for those who crave salty air, rolling waves and wild beauty.


One of the best kept secrets on the island, this stunning area is home to a large pond, soft sand beaches, and sandy jeep roads connecting salty beach cottages. This part of Nantucket is popular with the locals for its plentitude of surf and privacy.

Middle Moors

This less explored, less developed area is home to what some consider the most beautiful part of the island. Here you have quiet and natural beauty, yet remain in close proximity to both harbor beaches and the more wild south shore.


Who needs a car when you are in mid-island, home to plenty of shops and restaurants and just a quick bike ride or shuttle away from town? This part of the island offers convenience in that you are never too far from either shop or surf.


Much like a Norman Rockwell painting, this nostalgic neighborhood exudes a vibe of coastal Americana, with tree-lined streets, brick driveways, and classic design. Boasting tennis courts and a community pool, this neighborhood is elegant yet family-friendly neighborhood, the perfect location for those seeking easy summer or year-round living.


This highly desired area is unique for so many reasons, one being its access to Nantucket harbor, the other being its view of the famed Nantucket downtown skyline. Come spring, it’s many creeks and marshes come alive in a symphony of tree frogs and birdsong, while the sounds of the ferry echo over the water from the town and pier. Monomoy is home to some of the island’s best shell fishing, and its easy, still water is perfect for water sports.


Like Naushop, this mid-island neighborhood is ideal for families because it has a community pool and tennis courts. If you drive through in the summer, don’t be surprised to see a group of kids riding their bikes along the safe, tree-lined streets.


This highly-sought after area is quiet in its geographic location, just to the east of Monomoy, boasting a coastline of calm harbor water, grassy cliffs and natural beauty. A scenic bike path connects this area to the rotary and leads all the way east to ‘Sconset.


This highly desirable area is located in the calm center of Nantucket’s inner harbor, making this neighborhood a water-sport enthusiast’s dream.


Home to Sesachacha Pond, this peaceful and quiet coastal community is an ideal place for water sports, families and kids. From certain vantage points, the red and white Sankaty lighthouse is visible. Looking out upon Sankaty Head Golf Club is like getting lost in a strikingly beautiful painting.

’Sconset (or Siasconset)

Located on the far east side of the island down Milestone Road. This enchanting town is a microcosm of rose covered sea shanties, meandering streets and pocket gardens. A market offers baked goods and ice cream for kids, while a handful of shops and restaurants beckon east enders. Throughout the night, Sankaty light house meditatively casts its light upon glorious neighboring homes every second seconds.


This neighborhood, located along the Polpis bike path, offers access to Nantucket’s glorious inner harbor, and views of downtown Nantucket.


Glorious views of town from across the harbor make this gem of a neighborhood truly unique. Sandy roads, wildly overgrown moors and natural beauty abound.


This highly desirable Nantucket neighborhood is home to some of the grandest estates on island. Enjoy ample coastline and abundant privacy. Squam is far enough away from town that one truly feels a sense of escapism. It remains conveniently close to the luxurious Wauwinet Resort and downtown ‘Sconset.


This family-friendly part of the island offers traditional, easy summer living. Rest assured with lifeguarded beaches, a snack shack, shuttle service to town, and ample sandy coastline. Kick back on a beach towel and catch some rays! Neighborhoods here offer flat, grassy yards, and a multitude of side streets for exploration. This part of the island is easily located upon the Surfside Bike path. It is a favorite of locals and vacationers alike.

Tom Nevers

The Tom Nevers Neighborhoods is a favorite for children and families. With a multitude of easy, bikeable streets and close proximity to a large, sandy shoreline. From certain vistas, one can see Sankaty Lighthouse. Whales are often spotted in the water here during their bi-annual migration in the spring and fall.


Finally, we have Wauwinet. This neighborhood has the best of both worlds, with a stunning harbor boasting distant views of Nantucket’s downtown skyline. Just across a short distance of sand, you will find miles of gorgeous coastline. Houses located in between these two bodies of water are dotted along meandering, sandy roads. The area of Wauwinet is home to winter’s migrating Snowy Owls. This is where some of the best fishing is (year-round) at the cross-rip of Great Point.

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