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New Nantucket Food Delivery Service – ACK Eats


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ack eats nantucket food delivery service

Did you hear about ACK Eats, the new food delivery service on Nantucket? That’s right, you can now order from local Nantucket restaurants like 45 Surfside, Sophie T’s and Siam To Go for a small delivery fee (and tip for your mobile waiter of course!) There are over 30 restaurants that will be added once they reopen in the spring/summer months including Millie’s, LOLA Burger and Keepers Restaurant. Thanks to ACK Eats for their guest blog and stay tuned as more restaurants open, more menus will be added to their website and mobile app for easy online ordering.

ACK Eats ( was started by Doug Kruse and Liam Bruno.  We both enjoy building new businesses, this is our second on Nantucket.  A food delivery service was another opportunity we saw a need for.  We independently shared a similar experience with our families; sitting at home and having no easy way to get food delivered from our favorite restaurants.  We figured, we cannot be alone in wanting a service like this!  Especially during busy summer months, who wants to go deal with the traffic, parking and logistics of trying to grab a take-out order in Town?  So we thought, why not create something that can bring the food to us? 

ack eats nantucket food delivery service

Unlike those other behemoth national services, we are a locally managed and operated company.  We hope one of the things that will set us apart is the fact we can sit down face-to-face with other local business owners and forge a more personal relationship with them.  We’d like to be seen as more of partner, enhancing their ability to deliver their delicious food, quickly and safely, to local residents and visitors alike.  For hungry consumers looking for food delivery, offers virtually the same kind of technology and ordering efficiency as national companies like GrubHub and UberEats. Users will be able to place orders directly through our website as well as through our mobile apps (both Apple and Android are available for download now from our website).   

 Sample of Nantucket restaurants offering meal delivery through ACK Eats:

Food will be delivered by our trained “mobile waiters”; we will deliver freshly prepared food from virtually any restaurant on-island that currently offers take-out.  The customer will pay a delivery fee for each order (plus any tip they feel is appropriate for our mobile waiters).  The delivery fee will either be a flat amount, or variable, based on the distance from the restaurant and drop-off location. We even plan on offering delivery to select beaches and boats during summer months! We will have all participating restaurant menus online through  

We are hiring mobile waiters now! Our website is live and people are free to browse the menus we currently have posted.

We look forward to being the one-stop online store for food delivery on the island.