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It’s Official — Nantucket Corn Season is Upon Us


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Nothing says summer on Nantucket quite like biting into a sweet ear of corn. Some of our fondest memories on island — from shucking ears on the back deck as kids to hosting our own dinner parties as adults— have involved the island’s delicious corn. July sometimes feels endless as the anticipation of corn builds and builds. 

Luckily, as of this week, corn season is upon us! Bartlett’s just harvested their first of the summer and will keep it coming ’til summer ends. And at $10 a dozen, you might as well stock up on it!

Photo: Bartlett’s Farm

We also love the corn from Moors End Farm. This summer we’ve been eyeing those stalks growing taller and taller as we drive down Polpis Road. The day is finally upon us to indulge.

There are so many things you can do with corn. It’s hard to beat a boiled cob with butter and sea salt. But since it’s summertime, why not utilize the backyard by putting it on the grill? When it’s grilled, it tastes even more like summer sunshine. 

Here are some tips for making perfect grilled corn this summer. 

Only Partially Husk It

Partially husking corn involves: peeling back the husk without detaching it, removing the silk from the cob, and pulling the husk backing into place. This method allows the cob to have some protection from the flames without losing some of the smoky charred flavor. If you want some more char, start them in the partial husk and finish them straight on the grill. 

The kids won’t have the complete satisfaction of ripping the husk straight off. But will still be able to contribute to the meal in their own way. 

Butter the Corn Before Grilling

After the husk has been pulled back and the silk removed, sneak in with some butter and sea salt. If you like your corn a little spicy, add some chili powder as well. Hand the corn back off to the kids, so they can close them back up and make sure they’re ready for the grill. 

Keep an Eye on It

This method is pretty foolproof, but can still become a ball of flames if you’re distracted. This is especially true after a margarita and Van Morrison sing-along. Make sure there’s no silk left on the husks before they hit the grill and keep the back burner low as an escape plan for over-charred cobs. 

Keep it Creative

Sure, Lowry’s seasoned salt is a surefire way to add some zip to your corn. Why not get a little more creative, though? Put out some chile powder, mayo, cotija cheese, and lime wedges for a Mexican street corn fiesta. If you’re feeling really adventurous, let the kids customize their own with whatever you have on hand. 

Clean-Up Time

Now that you’ve put good use to your grill, it’s time to call in the Grill Guys, an in-home service that will clean your grill to a like-new state. Because let’s be honest, everyone loves to grill but no one likes to deep-clean it. Tell them Fisher sent you!

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