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Nantucket: A Walk Up Main Street Video


Island History

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This video premiered at the Nantucket Historical Association’s Nantucket by Design 2021 and celebrates our architecture, remarkable history, natural beauty, and unique sense of place and harmony in American design.

“Here we spotlight exceptional antique homes on Main Street and tell the stories of the people who built them and lived in them. Beautifully preserved, these homes are still lived in today. Nantucket is a treasure trove of historic homes. The Nantucket Historic District, which encompasses the entire island, was designated to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. Nantucket has over 800 pre-Civil War buildings and has been called the ‘finest surviving example of an early New England seaport.'” Peggi Godwin

Hosted by Peggi Godwin and Miranda Dale, Visitor Services, Nantucket Historical Association

Filmed and produced by Dan Driscoll, September Productions, for the NHA

Sponsored by Novation Media

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Fisher Real Estate